13 November, 2014

NOT CENSORED: Guadalupe #3

Warning- this post contains pictures of natural state of human body. If you feel ashamed or uncomfortable, this is the right time to close your eyes. :D

I really wanted to write a post expressing my feelings towards body hair on women. In Slovenia it's quite a sensitive topic but that's just what motivated me to share it all with you. I have no intention of convincing you to love it, I'll just show you my point of view and let you think what you want.

I'll tell you a short story. Since I was in elementary school I've been shaving my armpits, like all other girls. I never asked myself why I was doing that or why I wouldn't. It was a part of growing up, it came into my life as easy as when I bought my first lipstick. A year ago I started following some interesting Instagram accounts like Charlie Barker and Asher Britton. Of course, I also saw their photos containing unshaved armpits, which they shamelessly show. My reaction then was: "What?!  Why are they doing that, that's gross, they surely smell bad and provoke negative comments."
Classical reaction. But you know, the older you are, the wiser you get. And after following them, watching new age women's posts and reading their comments on that I finally understood it all.

If you're a lady passionately using Veet, it's fine. If you don't shave at all, it's fine. It's not even something that others could comment on or at least their opinion is irrelevant.

I've written about gender stereotyping and differences before in THIS pro-feminist post. We have a huge problem with our perception of being approved by society and fitting into boxes labelled #perfect and #approved. We live in 21st century. Women are supposed to have same legal rights as men. But in practice you can tell there are huge differences. From censoring female nipples to disapproving body hair. Honeys, it's again for one reason: to control all the sheep and sell them shit.

Lately, beard trend is taking over the world. Women embraced so quick. Now, it's time for girls to do what they want too. And if you think I'm promoting natural state of body, monkey bodies, Tarzan ladies etc. you're wrong. I obviously dye my hair, have a tattoo and wear tons of makeup.

Just for one reason- I find it pretty.
In the future I want to dye it pink. :3

Let's clear some myths:

-It's inappropriate: Babe, it's the body you were born in. So, if you aren't ashamed of your hands, chin, eyebrows, knees,... why would you be ashamed of that?! Regarding being appropriate for internet- if men are easily uploading unshaved armpits why wouldn't I.

-It's unhygienic: If you shower at least once a day and normally use antiperspirants/deodorants, don't be afraid, you won't stink. Chill. Hygiene means taking care of your body in terms of keeping it clean. Hair isn't clean? So why then are men's beards accepted?

-It's not attractive: Sorry, I'm not even trying to be attractive to you. Reading comments on my Instagram under two photos exposing my armpits I'm asking myself why there are people who actually think that I should be acceptable for them. So funny, because self-called beauty specialists aren't even a bit important to me. Sorry guys, no offence but it's silly. This requirement for women pleasing men is completely out and ridiculous. I rather please my inner wishes. #sorrynotsorry

It’s time to ask yourself just what you find so offensive.. Why it makes you so uncomfortable. What aspect seems unattractive, why?

I <3 neat underarm hair and in near future I'm not planning on shaving them. But let's stay opened for all the options.

My final thought is: Define your own beauty ideals and think with your own brains.:)
I hope this post will inspire you to break free in whatever terms of meaning.

Photo: Robert Ribič

Bikini top: Motel Rocks (find 2 other outfit posts in this piece HERE and HERE)
Leggings: LWGN
Platforms: YRU

Xx, Agnes

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