28 July, 2015

Moving & studying Fashion in Amsterdam

Hey guys, long time no see. I won't make excuses for not posting for so long. Last few months have passed so quick. I 've been finishing high school and making plans about my future. I had tons of work with studying for my finals, applying for scholarships, preparing myself for the selection days at university, searching for a new apartment (it's a hell to get one in Amsterdam) and managing everything for my moving abroad. I'm writing this to keep you posted about what's been going on and to help all potential future students who wish to study in the Netherlands or even study at AMFI by sharing my personal thoughts and tips.


I took some time for myself. Sometimes what you need to do is just listen to you inner voice and do what it says. At first I felt shitty for not posting for such long time, I was scared of braking my habit and getting off track. There's quite some pressure when people follow your daily blog posts and updates on social media but you don't feel like doing it at that moment. It felt horrible, I wanted to forget about everything. I still have lots of products to review that have been waiting in my drawer for months. Sponsors are nervous, I'm nervous. It's like a proper job without getting paid regularly. But the time I took was essential for me to learn new lessons in my private life.

Firstly, I needed to concentrate of finals in order to be able to enrol to the wished university. Blogging certainly can wait and I do not want to be enslaved by it. Every expectation by my followers is irrelevant in the end. I haven't been uploading so much fashion/beauty related posts on Instagram too. I'm very much into healthy lifestyle and spirituality at the moment. I got comments on "getting boring", "changing too much" and nonsense like that. Like I'm a factory for beautiful pictures and entertaining posts. Everyone should know that my social profiles portray my real life. It's me. I'm not willing to post anything just to entertain you or to create an illusion out of my life. In order to be a good example of values I believe in I need to set my priorities first. Realness. Yeah, I've learnt a lot lately. I'm staying true to myself. That's what counts.

In front of AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute, January 2015

First time in Amsterdam, check out the blogpost HERE


It all started years ago, I've always wanted to move abroad and to work in fashion industry. I remember I've been planning to do this since primary school. It's a drastic change. I was considering taking the other path by studying Communication studies in hometown Ljubljana as there isn't any fashion programme I'm interested in. I planned on moving abroad after that. I though I needed more time. I wasn't feeling ready. But I was silently wishing for it like hell. The winter came and one day I decided I needed to do this now. I started researching fashion universities in Europe and what course I even wanted to take. I was kinda clueless. All I knew was I wanted to do something creative but mostly connected to business itself. I don't feel like actually designing clothes nor do I feel like managing the raw production.


I started by Googling the best fashion schools in Europe and I continued by researching the courses. I came across a few interesting universities. I discovered a few interesting ones in London, Florence, Edinburgh, Barcelona and Amsterdam. The problem I faced was to pick a course. After weeks of researching I believed I was interested in fashion management.

A few weeks later I discovered that Polimoda in Florence doesn't provide a Bachelor's Degree, living in Edinburgh doesn't appeal me much because of its rather traditional vibe (I wanted to study in creative, futuristic and open minded environment, I want to be surrounded by artists), London is very expensive and I do not want to get a study loan, IED in Barcelona is way too expensive and according to information online not the best place to invest money into. I started concentrating on getting accepted to AMFI. Its modern approaches to fashion and the fact it's located in Amsterdam convinced me. I tried my best to get in. Even at the interview I told the committee that AMFI is my only choice and I need to get in because it's the only place I want to study. I was very serious about it, there wasn't an option for me not to be accepted.


I decided to attend Open days on AMFI in Amsterdam, the university seemed so amazing and unique, but I wanted to go and see it live. It was in January. Do you remember the first Amsterdam post on my blog? That was it, I didn't go there for a holiday. It was crucial, I see it now.
I came there in the morning. The staff and the students kindly welcomed us with nice brochures about the university. There were presentations in the morning and in the afternoon, so you could catch more than one.

First I need to tell you basic information about AMFI. It has been named as one of the top 20 universities for fashion in the world. AMFI offers you a full-time, 4 year Bachelor Degree programme which forms a good basis for a successful career in the fashion industry. It teaches about 1100 students from all around the world. There are 3 fields you can pick from; Fashion & Design, Fashion & Management or Fashion & Branding. AMFI offers all its programmes in Dutch as well as in English, there are students of more than 50 nationalities. Students graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion & Textile Technologies. AMFI has a broad international network and wants its students to develop such a network themselves. They are offered international study trips, exchange programmes with partner institutes abroad and the possibility to do internships in foreign countries.

I wrote down my questions before coming to the open day. I still wasn't sure about which course to pick- branding or management? The students and the teachers helped me to realise I was definitely going to apply for Fashion & Branding course.

You might want to read 10 reasons to visit the Open Day & How to prepare for the Open day on AMFI's official page.

Here is my photo of the presentation on branding course:

What I'm going to be studying is therefore fashion culture, concepts, design principles, trends, fashion brand strategies, magazines, advertising, retail concepts, brand identities, campaigns etc.


You need to send an application via Studielink (a website where you apply to Dutch universities). You are to meet the uni's requirements (depends on the one you pick, the following requirements are for AMFI) to complete your enrolment request:
-secondary school diploma with passing grade in Maths
-English certificate IELTS 6 or TOEFL 79
-proof of your grades from 2 years ago
-motivational letter

Once you have completed the enrolment AMFI sends you a selection form. Lots of papers all together, be prepared to spend quite some time on that. There is also a Suitability questionnaire about your views on fashion, inspiration, talents, activities and experience. It takes some time to take your own required photos and to write the discussed answers.

Then, AMFI invites you to Selection days. There were 750 candidates for all 3 courses this year. For Fashion & Branding, there are 4 parts. It takes around 5 hours. An interview, an essay, an inspiration board and a test in general knowledge. You can bring a portfolio with you if you have one, I did and it was a smart choice that left a good impression on the committee in 7 min you are given. Think about how to show the most in short time. Create a portfolio that shows how versatile you are, you can include pictures that aren't related to fashion like your special skills and experience. They create a scale from 0 to 100 and send you the overall results of your selection exams within approx. 2 weeks. I'm very proud of myself, I got to 10% of the best candidates.

(some of the photos are taken off AMFI's sites)

My tip is just to be super relaxed and sure about yourself. The atmosphere is amazing, they try their best to relax you, make you feel good and encourage you in positive vibes. I was quite nervous at the beginning as I travelled there on my own with no one rooting for me. But as I saw how everyone was nice with me I managed to calm down, concentrate and give my best. I actually enjoyed it. It was so much fun, really! I cannot wait to study in this encouraging environment.

One more tip, how to dress on that day? Almost everyone is dressed casually. Don't try hard to impress them, just be yourself, they'll notice everything.

After you have met all the requirements you are offered a place. You only need to pay the tuition fee via Studielink and you are in. My first and last tip is to do everything early enough, do not wait for the last minute. I did a few times and it only got me anxious. Lessons learnt.


There is a battle for apartments in Amsterdam so you need to hurry up and apply for a students room or an apartment months before you move in, you need to do this in spring so you risk your some money if you aren't placed after that.

The universities have signed contracts with several companies that ensure students safe and appropriate accommodation for their needs. Some of the agencies for student housing are DeKey, AUAS, Ymere, DUWO. It's expensive to live in Amsterdam, you definitely should consider living in shared facilities. Most of the agencies only allow you to rent it for the first year.

I applied for an apartment on StudentenwoningWeb via agency called DUWO. I rented a studio apartment in SpinozaCampus. It's a whole newly built complex of student houses for 1700 students. I was so lucky to get it due to very high demand.

With Milena, a friend of mine and a student of Fashion & Branding

Selection days makeup! I travelled alone, I was sleeping in StayOkay hostel :)

Selection days outfit, march 2015, you can check the blogpost I wrote then HERE


A fairytale, right? Well, not really. Studying fashion in Amsterdam sounds like just wearing fabulous clothes, doing fun projects, getting high in coffee shops and spending money like crazy on visually appealing sushi and green smoothies. Maybe it sounds like I'm a spoiled princess but the truth is far from that. I've been working hard on realizing my dreams for the last couple of years (the portfolio is based on my experience in fashion via this blog, it was such a start move to start it), lots of paper work, lots of research, many sleepless nights and at the end I couldn't have done it without my amazing parents who have been supporting me on this journey. I'm so grateful for their emotional and financial support. I'm a lucky girl, but don't be distracted by the glam, it was a tough process which paid off at the end. And I'm ready to work my ass of, It's one of the most difficult and time consuming universities in the Netherlands, they say.

At the moment, I'm making plans on how to get all the things I need from Slovenia to Amsterdam, how to furnish my studio apartment because it's completely empty, arranging all the documents, social security, doctor's appointments, arranging new bank account, new telephone number, laundry card, buying school supplies and all the gadgets I'll need for efficient studying, picking which clothes to take with me and so much more. Basically everything to start life from scratch.

On one hand I cannot wait to move in my first apartment, to start fresh, study at my dream university, meet new people and experience new things. But on the other hand It's painful to leave my family, my friends and someone special. I'll probably be so busy I won't be able to come visit them much. Many thanks to Skype, really! I decided not to predict the future and just see what happens. I trust the Universe to get me in the right place at the right time.

My life's going to change a lot. I cannot promise you to post regularly on my blog. I'll see what Amsterdam brings. I'm excited to live my dream but at the same time it scares me. That's an amazing opportunity to learn more about myself and to get stronger than ever.

Thank you all for you massive support, love, positive vibes, encouraging, help. I'm grateful for everything I have. Thanks for reading this long blogpost.

I DID ITTT <3 (Still hardly believing I'm moving in less than 3 weeks.)

Xx, Agnes


  1. Brez besed sem; samo iz srca ti lahko iskreno čestitam za tak dosežek. Res kapo dol za tvojo predanost in ves vložen trud ki sta te pripeljala do uresničitve ciljev in sanj. Sem prepričana, da te v življenju čaka še veliko lepih stvari - ker si zaslužiš. Bravo! :) <3

  2. Iskrene cestitke Neza! Vse lepo ti zelim. Hvala za vse. :)

  3. Neza, vse najboljse ti zelim v Amsterdamu. Sebi in vsem drugim si dokazala, da se trud resnicno izplaca.
    Pa le lepo se uci zdaj v Amsterdamu :P
    Pa ne pozabi nas! :)

  4. Agnes, inspiracija si za vsakega srednješolca/srednješolko kot sem jaz, ki si želi slediti svojim sanjam čez leto ali dve, ko zaključi gimnazijo. V mojem primeru je to študij opernega petja na akademiji v Avstriji ali Italiji, za kar se bom pa morala še precej potrudit. Zato pa si ti navdih in dokaz, da vse lahko uspe, če se le dovolj trudiš za to :) vse dobro še naprej!

  5. Iskrene čestitke in svaka čast, da slediš svojim sanjam kot je treba. In verjamem da bo ves trud poplačan :D Amsterdam je res odličen plac, ker je res raznolik in upam, da mi ga kdaj uspe obiskati za več kot le 2 dni. Upamo na kakšen apartment tour ;) Vso srečo pri pakiranju in seveda pri študiju ;)
    Stay awesome!! ;)

  6. Amazing! I wish you all the best! :D

  7. Congratulations! I'll sure miss U in Beauty Bloggers Community ... Wishing you all the best!

  8. Aaaa, vznemirljivo! Čestitke in vso srečo!

  9. This is really tremendous that the way you desceibe. This information is so much more than I needed!keep it up .
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  10. Hi, Agnes! Your article is so useful! I want to ask some questions about the Selection day. You told about an essay and a test in general knowledge. What was it about? Was it difficult?
    Thank you very much! ;)