29 October, 2014

Ask, believe, receive: Guadalupe #1

Thank you The Universe.
If you wish, you can replace this naming with whatever suits you: God, Love, Nature, Life, Sun,... it doesn't really matter. People keep asking me all the time how come I be so happy or am I faking it?
No, I am happy. It's simple, I decided to be happy and to look at the bright side. Sorry guys, no tricks, no secret millionaire parents, no perfect relationships, no walk in closet, no pet, no private jet, no perfect body. At some point it's enough to stop for a second and be grateful with exactly what you have for now, because who knows how long we are going to live here. The idea is to create the best by cosmic attraction. Holy cow, what does that even mean? So simple. Your thoughts are reality. Ever thought that you attract all this negativity in your life? That's right. So first, you've got to change your pattern of thinking. Consciously. And than good things just come, no pain. Maybe start reading The Secret, it's a really simple book for starting this thing and later swap for Louise Hay and other ones. I can write a list of books I recommend if you are interested in it.
Ask, believe, receive (+be grateful).

And I'm super grateful for Motel Rocks. I'll show you in this and two posts following how I would style this bikini top in Guadalupe.

Cardigan: LWGN
Skirt: H&M
Platforms: YRU

Photo: Robert Ribič

Xx, Agnes

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