05 November, 2014

Activate yourself: Guadalupe #2

To keep you updated, my life is a beautiful mess :D. Now I have a new blog partner, as you probably read on my Instagram (@agneskrown) and Facebook page. I'm lucky to introduce you coloured contact lenses from Moje-lece.si. I'll write a whole post explaining you everything you need to know about them. I'm regularly attending social events but still doing a lot for school. 

Recently my friend told about Coursera, an educational platform where you can learn from renowned professors, watch high quality lectures online, achieve mastery via interactive assignments, and collaborate with a global community of students for FREE. I've always been self-initiative and curious and as I'm dying to study fashion any time soon (it's my last year of secondary school) I realized that I cannot count just on conventional education. It's time I did something! I found a brilliant way to discover fashion business and the whole industry.

So which course do I do and how do I study there?
I registered in Coursera and enrolled for Managing Fashion and Luxury course. The programme takes 6-8h per week, 5 weeks. There are around 10 video lectures to watch each week and some quizzes to do after each week, it's like a short test, because this particular course provides a certificate. It started October 3rd, so if you want to join you must be quick. So, the work is individual and you can do it whenever you want, just the final exams are on certain dates. If you're interested in any other field, there are hundreds of courses you can take. Now I spend hours and hours educating myself, it's so much fun that I did 2 weeks material in only few days. :)

Coursera site: https://www.coursera.org/
My course: https://class.coursera.org/mafash-001

Back to the point, here's my outfit in Guadalupe bikini top from Motel Rocks #2!
If you haven't seen outfit #1, click Here.

Onsie: LWGN

Photo: Robert Ribič

Take your life in your hands, stop complaining, activate yourself!
Xx, Agnes

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