12 November, 2014

Coloured lenses

Hardly waited post is here - I have new COLOURED LENSES!
First, let me explain it where are they from. I received them from an online shop Naroci-lece.si. Thank you!
They are specialized in contact lenses.

The reasons I got so excited about wearing them are following:

No worries about health problems
I had to visit an optician who tested my eyes for base curve number, watering and correct inserting of the lenses. All lenses have a base curve, that must nicely fit your eye. In case it doesn't it can damage your eyes. I don't have any diopter, so I've never used lenses before. No games here, kids. Our eyes are delicate and optician and staff at Vsevid in Koseze (who run Naroci-lece.si) certainly know how to keep you safe and happy (and reassure worried parents of young teens).

New interesting look
You know I'm one of the crazy ones. I love to experiment with beauty. I thought coloured lenses would bring something new to play with in my daily beauty routine. And of course, they create new combinations when matching my eyes with makeup and outfits.

Natural looking
I love that they don't look Halloween-ish. They look natural because there are a few colours that are blended together. Actually they work as colour enhancers. Still, if you are for a daring look you can wear two different lenses just like I love to do: one green, one blue. Of course, I first chose bolder green and blue.

They really are super soft. Lenses can be a pain in the ass for putting inside your eye and out at the beginning. I was actually very clumsy, it took me more than 10 minutes for both eyes. But you get used to it, they say. Good thing about buying them at Vsevid or Naroci-lece.si is that they can teach you that in their clinic. While wearing them, they are undetectable because of their softness.

Some tips about putting on and taking off your lenses:

-Wash your hands!!! IMPORTANT!
-Dry them before handling with lenses, they can't get in contact with water.
-Use special solution for your lenses.
-Don't wear them if your eyes are irritated.
-Wear them for as little hours as possible.
-Remove before sleeping.
-Throw them away after the date written.
-Put them on before applying makeup, remove before removing makeup.

Here are a few quick photos with my phone, more professional ones are coming soon! I'll also make a list of which ones I wear, so you will be able to order them.

You can order them here: http://www.naroci-lece.si/

Thank you for reading.
Expect a new post soon!

Xx, Agnes

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