I'm Agnes, a Slovenian girl living and studying in Amsterdam.

I'm an ancient soul, in a modern body, with a futuristic state of mind. My passion is expressing my inner values in fashion, makeup, images, all that goes with that.

My fashion path started at the age of 13, when I applied to a sewing course with an intense desire of making my ideas work . My goal was to create an unique dress for the gala dance at the end of Elementary School. A year later I attended a modelling course that opened my door to the world of fashion photographers, runways, designers, models... A few years later I started working in Model Group as a runway and advertisement model. I participated in various runway shows including for a prestigious Slovenian brand Mura. I was featured in advertisements on TV and modelled in artistic clothing pieces of the Slovenian illustrator Nea Likar. I was photographed for many other projects including portfolios for students of fashion design at NTF Ljubljana. I also attended drawing courses, architectural drawing courses and online courses on fashion & management.

I launched Agnes Krown blog in May 2013. I wanted to mark development of my personal style, expend knowledge about fashion, encourage people to think outside the box and inspire them to try something new. My goal is to study fashion in one of the world's fashion capitals and to become a successful business lady.

I believe that fashion has become one of the most important mediums in this world. It has become so much more than just eye appealing piece of art. Fashion communication connects all types and groups of people with their values and aesthetic vision. The pace of our lives has drastically increased. Parents rush all the time to manage private life and work. And that led to a lack of essential attention their kids get which influenced their rising usage of social media. Their growing up has become dependent on virtual role models who youth looks up to. A lot of them are any kind of fashion and beauty related gurus and professionals. They have been given major influence and power which is tightly connected with fashion industry. As the result young people embrace their views quickly. Fashion is therefore one of the easiest ways to connect people due to its mostly visual factor which reaches people virally. But it also requires big responsibility about what and how they promote it. Once it’s accepted my masses of young people it changes our society fast. We want to live in world of acceptance, humanity, fairness, sustainability, kindness, compassion, equality and respect. Fashion is powerful and that is the main reason of rising rate in importance of fashion communication.

I aspire to become a successful international fashion brander. After successful pass of 5 hours long selection exams I was accepted to study International Fashion & Branding at AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I moved and started my course in August 2015.

I'm currently focusing on experimenting, discovering myself, my passions as well as full time studying at AMFI. I'm absorbing knowledge about raw vegan food and nutrition, holistic medicine, yoga, astrology, divine relationships, feminism, sisterhood, sustainable lifestyle, ethical fashion.

Name Agnes means 'pure' and 'holy'. I interpret my name as 'pure' in sense of being true to myself, being genuine. Krown ('a crown') is an important symbol to me. They say you should always wear an invisible crown. No matter what everybody thinks or does to you, you always have yourself. It's my positive aspiration, I believe in positivity and self love.

Thanks for reading my blog - welcome to my world!

Xx, Agnes Krown


  1. You are one of the most amazing and inspiring people I've ever heard about and I'm glad I'm from the same country as you :)

  2. Love it! Can´t wait for the chance we get to meet each other! :)