25 May, 2015

AlpStories: Natural cosmetics on test

I got an exciting offer to try out brand new products of a Slovenian company AlpStories. Their skin and hair products are free of parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, silicones and cruelty. I was really happy to be one of the first ones to get a chance to test it. I'll share my thoughts about it with you.

It was a tough decision what to pick, especially because they also offer you custom made products (you can create them yourself using their smart guide) but at the end I chose those 2  products:
-Marigold Macerated Oil With Vitamin E
-Tea Tree Oil Face Cream

Marigold Macerated Oil With Vitamin E
"The benefits of sunflower oil infused with Marigold flowers are mostly in its medicinal properties. 

The oil is an excellent healer aswell as an anti-inflammatory product. It works best with sensitive skin types, it alieves redness and provides a soothing effect. It is such a strong remedy that it can be used with certain scar tissue. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and healed."

How to use: Apply to face, body or hair and gently massage in.
       Parabens free
       Mineral oils free
       Artificial colours free
       Synthetic fragrances free
       Silicones free
       CRUELTY free
My experience?

My first impression was how beautiful the packaging is, it's made of glass. The scent is completely natural and might not smell good to everyone, but I got used of it. The oil is very runny and not as thick as the argan one for example which is great for hot summer months too.
When applied on the skin it feels very lightweight and fresh. It soaks in very quickly. I actually chose this product because it's recommended for fighting redness and sensitive skin. I must admit it does work. My skin didn't get any more red, the oil actually soothes it. It's a very versatile product, you can use it on your face as a moisturizer, you can leave it on like a face mask, use it on your wet body after showering to keep the moisture, you can even use it to remove makeup. I'll be using it mostly as a weekly oil treatment to revive my skin from daily troubles.

Order yours HERE (available internationally).

Tea Tree Oil Face Cream
"Day cream for oily skin and  prone skin to acne with long-lasting anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.

Helps to reduce redness and impurities caused by excess sebum. Vegetable oil of almond and sunflower repair skin and tightens pores while the tea reduces sebum production and acne by reducing the existing ones. Carrot composed purifies the skin, reduces scars and regenerate the skin.
Active ingredients are from certified organic farming. Vegan product.
How to use: Massage gently on thouroughly cleaned skin. "
My experience?

At first I was a bit sceptic to be honest, it has a strong tea tree scent. From previous experience I can tell you I got horrible redness around my cheeks when using strong essential oils. My skin would normally get really irritated. But *surprise*, it didn't. Even more, it helped me calm my skin down. The strong scent disappears quick, the product is absorbed quickly and only leaves a nice and indeed very soft texture. It's light and works great on oily skin. Neither does it dry out my skin. I'll be using it mostly on my T-zone where it's more oily.

Get yours HERE.

It's always such a pleasure to try out Slovenian products and cosmetics with natural ingredient. I recommend you to check out their site or at least jump to boutiques where they sell it and try it out. The shops where it's available: http://www.alpstories.com/s/id/prodmest.


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  1. Nisem še slišala za ta izdelek ampak izgleda zelo dobro. Super review.