19 January, 2015

Amsterdam OOTD & MOTD

Hey busy bees! This post was shot in 2 min so the photos aren't as good but I really wished to show you one of my outfits from Amsterdam where I went from Friday to Sunday. The second post will be up on Wednesday.
I had an amazing time, it was my first time in this smoking city haha but I tuned to this vibe in seconds. I really hope to live in Amsterdam one day, it would be so amazing. The people are kind, weird in a good way, artistic, they all speak fluent English, they are super hospitable, opened and accepting. Multi-cultural at its best. The weather was super nice and sunny although it was freezing and the wind was blowing like crazy.

I wore this gooooorgeous new coat slash cardigan that I got for X-mas from my dearest friend Nathan, which kept me warm inside and out. Couldn't resist wearing a leather black dress- what was I thinking, it has short sleeves!? And of course some leggings and the most comfy and travel appropriate shoes in the whole Universe, my super cool yellow Docs!

Cardigan: vintage
Dress: Front Row Shop
Leggings: Calzedonia
Boots: Dr Martens

Because I completely despise the law that options wearing bold eyes or lips I of course chose to do it both. :)
I used new Parisax Professional makeup. It's a French makeup and skin care brand that offers innovative, quality, pigmented, long lasting products for affordable prices.

I used following eye shadows to create red smokey look:

I must admit I used to hate bright pink lipsticks, they associated me with stupid and reckless Barbie princesses. So I avoided them big! But then I received this one and I just gave it a shot. The result was surprisingly good, I fell in love with this shade. It's bold and daring, everything I love. I just have to wear it with darker clothes because I really don't want to look like that girly.

I'm giving away Parisax Prodessional coupons for 10% off on everything. You can get the code simply by commenting down below your email so I can send it to you. I'll send it to everyone who does that!

From left:
Nude, Violine (wearing on the photos), Terre Sienne -- get them here!

Those ones who follow me on Instagram know that I either wear nude lip liners or some vampy lipsticks. Lipsticks rarely excite me for longer than a few days because most of them run off so easily it makes me insane. I stick to Illamasqua lippies. But Parisax honestly blew me away with great pigmentation, long lasting foil finish and beautiful cooler shades.

I'm so lucky to have a chance to travel, meet amazing people, educate and collaborate with successful brands. I'm one grateful Earthling. But I must admit that I'm working hard and on all social media you all see only the glam and beauty I want you to see. :) Don't get distracted, I have some seriously tough and vulnerable moments too but I get up and get shit done. #shewon

Xx, Agnes

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