23 March, 2015


I wish I could greet you from Amsterdam but I'm sadly already back to Slovenia. I had such a great time. I wandered around, did a collaborational shooting with a South African musician and photographer in Amsterdam, Bas Raad, hung up with a fashion blogger Milena from BraidsAndEyeliner and did a bit of shopping for my prom next month (I discovered a lot of small vintage galleries and shops, loved them!). I really enjoy travelling alone, that's the best thing one can do to experience something new. I met a bunch of new cool people. I'm looking forward to returning to this amazing city, hopefully soon.

I'm impressed by the architecture, I took hundreds of photos.

It was unexpectedly cold. I wanted to wear socks 'n' sandals but I ended up in warm socks and boots because it was around 5°C and it rained a bit. My hair was a mess because of the constant strong wind. Such a pussy to rant about that. Well, that was my biggest problem. #luckyme

Felt like wearing a monochrome outfit, it's never a bad idea. But I wouldn't be me without something flashy like a blue bag or red eyelids.

Parisax foundation in Vanilla (buy here)
Kryolan Dermacolor concealers for contour & highlight
Parisax black cake liner for eyebrows (buy here)
Kryolan deep red eyeshadow in RB32 (I really recommend wearing red eye shadows for all blue/green-eyed queens)
Parisax eyeshadow Terre de Sienne for blending (buy here)
Essene Pen liner
Essence I <3 Extreme mascaraEssence Soft berry lip liner blended inwards

One of my favourite tees (it's by B.Polanec), it's very comfortable and always a saving piece when I'm feeling too cosy or lazy.

Loved my stay in Amsterdam, I'm such a lucky girl I know. But nothing comes for no reason. #workhardplayhard

Calzedonia leggings
C&A sweater
Topshop jacket
My friend's scarf (thanks Jaša Xx)
Second hand boots
Zara bag

Photo: Bas Raad

Hope you enjoyed my Insta photos as well!
Xx, Agnes


  1. I'm so jealous I would love to visit Amsterdamn, also love the photos and the make-up:)