09 April, 2015

Q&A Part 2

Which primary school did you go to? Can you show us the dress you wore for your junior prom aka valeta?
I went to OŠ Šentvid (6 years) and to OŠ Toneta Čufarja (3 years) because we moved.
I designed, tailored and sewed the dress myself. I took sewing classes for that purpose.

About fashion & beauty events that you attend: Where do you find out about them, are you invited?
I get invited by PR or directly by the CEOs by email. :) I'm honestly flattered I get noticed so frequently and that major Slovenian companies such as Afrodita want me at their events.

Do you have any tips on how to start writing a blog?
Just do it. First, sit down and write some points about your expectations and goals (who are you targeting, what content, how frequently, at what budget, monthly and yearly check points, ...). Do NOT hesitate, everyone starts with nothing. Be original, be the first or the best, be yourself, be honest. Make up your unique blog name. Visualize what you want it to be in one year. Think in future.

What foundations for pale skin do you recommend?
I cannot recommend any product without knowing your skin type, budget, exact skin colour, wished coverage, ... But I can say I've been using Parisax in shade Ivory (buy here), Ben Nye Matte HD in shades Shinsei and Shinsei Fair (buy in Kabuki Makeup Place Ljubljana), MUA matte foundation in shade 1 and Loreal True Match in shade C1 and I'm loving them!

Source: Google

What body features and characteristics do you like the most about yourself?
Eyes, bone structure, hight, legs, neck, smile (but I love my sharp look even more haha). Sincerity, inner strength, optimism, active mind, fierceness, will power, loyalty, warmness. Capricorns rock!

Best coffee shop in Ljubljana?
I don't have it. I love places which offer plant milk and aren't too popular. My favourite place where I go study alone is Kavarna pri vodnjaku on Stari trg. :)

Favourite places you've been to?
Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Fiji, French Polynesia, Italian Alps.

How do you keep your armpits neat?
I trim them every week to no more than 1 cm, let's say. :) It's not unhygienic at all, I shower and use Nelipot deodorant as everybody does I believe. Now it matches my hair and I think it's super pretty!
I got tons of questions about other body parts but I think it's too personal and none of your business. I'm not a spokesperson for all-natural body obviously, I do what I find cute and right for me at that time.

Why so many photos of unshaven armpits?
That's the reason- I want our society to become comfortable with it. It's a problem that people only see my hair when they look at the picture above even though it's barely there.
If we want to change things we must shock so people are confused and don't know what to think about it. When their mind is blank we can 'reprogram' them to become more open minded and accepting. :) I'm not trying to make you like it, I'm trying to make you accept it as a part of my free choice.

Why did you even start growing your pit hair back?
I'd been following a few Instagram girls (Charlie Barker and others) who have it too for a while and at one point it seemed natural for me too.

Why did you shave off your brow tails?
Because I like my face to look that way. I draw in eyebrows much more upwards, that makes the illusion of lifted and fiercer face which I couldn't achieve with eyebrows what down turned. The new brow look makes my eye area more opened, lightened, I have a bigger surface for painting, I can play and draw different brows each day (straight, very high brow, very arched, long, short,...). I feel so free.

How long do the drawn on brow ends stay in place?
When set with powders it stays on for a whole day! It also depends on which products I use. Pencils and waxy creams last much longer than cakes.

Do you use an eyeshadow base?
I don't use it for every day but I do use MAC Soft ochre Paint pot. Most of the time I think it's enough if I just set my lids with a bit of transparent powder.

How do you succeed doing so many things at the same time?
Where is motivation there is power. I organize myself by doing daily, weekly and monthly plans and check-lists.

Do you have any pet?
No I don't. I used to have a guinea pig called Cookie.

Favourite bands?
Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, The Vaccines, Alice in chains, Soundgarden, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Hole, The Verve, ...

Do you like kids?
In general- no.

How many lipsticks do you own?
Around 60 without lip stains, lip liners and fat pencils.

Where do you thrift shop in Ljubljana? How can you find such amazing pieces?
Most of my thrifted clothes are from Textile house, it's right on The Dragon's bridge. I regularly exchange clothes with my friends and thrift when I travel. Best thrift shops I've found: East End London (Stepney Green) and small vintage shops in Amsterdam's old city centre.
Best tip? Ask them when they get new shipping and be there first. Think outside the box.

Does The Front Row Shop re-sell old colections, where can I get the grey lacquered skirt that you have http://agneskrown.blogspot.com/2014/10/monochrome-goofiness.html ?
I'm afraid you won't be able to shop it ever again, it's sold out.

How do you get free makeup and clothes?
First of all, they're not gifts plus at the end I don't get them for free. I do collaborations, it's a business relationship where both sides mutually profit. I carefully choose who I work with. I post only the best products, the ones I'm not happy with kindly reject to promote online. The photos of new stuff I post on Instagram and FB are a part of my business. Think from a brander's perspective. I don't have sugar daddies, it's work and the products are a part of my payment.

How do you pay when you shop online?
With PayPal if it's international.

When did you stop growing?
I guess I was about 15, 16 years old. I grew pretty fast, around 13cm in one year from the smallest girl in my class to the tallest.

You said once that you wish you were 182cm tall. Why?
The taller the better.

How do you remove peach fuzz?
I have some serious problems with peach fuzz. As a fan of full coverage makeup I first need to have a silky smooth surface. It prevents uneven application, patchy skin, difficulties in blending.
I've used various products. I tried face wax, it makes my skin breakout. A huge no go! Now I remove it with a hair removing face cream by Afrodita (that one, click!) once a few weeks when needed. If I'm in hurry I will use a face and brow razor. I think there's a horrible lack of information about hair removing tips on the internet, especially in video or photo form. Are people really ashamed about their body and facial hair?

Which lipsticks are you wearing on the photos below?

Inglot palette lipstick in 95 (good lighting does miracles, it's just a reflection):

Essence Soft berry lip pencil all over, random black eyeliner to outline, NYX mega shine lipgloss in 106:

Inglot palette lipstick in 95:

Do you even notice any special girls that aren't as tall as you?
Sure I do. Honestly, I love tall girls. But it isn't always the case. I don't like to generalize...
Mind that: It's more about the energy and less about eyebrows on fleek.

Aren't you afraid to damage your hair even more by dying it dark?
No. I trust my hairdresser. Dark was actually a great solution because the dye protected it from being dry and from breakage. Plus, I got a special treatment called Micro Mist which repaired my hair veeeeeeery much, it's not even that bad any more. :D Viki's place rocks!!!

How did you get your hair that white: https://instagram.com/p/suozlBSZXS/ ?
I've already told you that I bleached it twice with peroxide 9% and dyed it grey with Subrina permanent hair dye. Then the dye washed out and it was snow white.

Where did you shoot this post http://agneskrown.blogspot.com/2014/10/motel-rocks-and-so-do-i.html ?
Roberto took me to abandoned train station on Parmova street, I think the building has already been demolished.

Favourite film?
Blue is the warmest color (La vie d'Adele). I've seen it multiple times and I'm still crying like a baby. I rarely cry.

Source: Google

I also loved Never let me go, Jeune & jolie, Les Intouchables, Gia, The Black swan.


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Xx, Agnes


  1. Hej, dela se raziskava za kupce slovenskih modnih oblikovalcev, anketa vzame manj kot 3 minutke, že v naprej hvala.
    Link do spletne ankete: https://www.1ka.si/a/62699

  2. Spoštujem tvojo odločitev glede ne britja, res prišparaš čas in je tako bolj naravno, ampak ali nisi mnenja, da je moškim bolj privlačna ženska, ki je pač normalno pobrita kot vse ostale ? Verjamem, da si želiš, da bi ta stvar ne britja postala nekao sprejemljiva, ampak ljudje se že od nekdaj brijejo, saj je to bolj higienično, izgleda lepše in še veliko več... Nič ne sodim, samo vprašam iz radovednosti.

    1. Razmišljaj takole: Se ti briješ le, da bi bila nekomu privlačna? Se ličiš le, da bi bila privlačna? Se obnašaš tako, da boš privlačna? Če je odgovor pritrdilen, gre za nespoštovanje sebe, nesamozavest, podrejanje. Poleg tega pa ne moreš na vrat na nos in še kot ženska generalizirat, da so moškim pobrite ženske lepše, pa tudi to kaj je naravno. Mislim, naravno ni, da kupujemo v Mullerju britvice in 100 preparatov za britje, če samo malo nakažem. Razumem tvojo dilemo, ampak moje razmišljanje res ni usmerjeno na take zadeve. :D Upam, da sem vredu pojasnila. Fsm