15 October, 2014

Motel Rocks and so do I

Haha, not kidding with that title. I'm not being narcissistic, I'm just adding positive affirmations wherever I can. :D
I've been thinking about how I have changed and grown spiritually. A year ago I would't dare to say that I like myself in public. But why, right? Let's say that it's expected to be somehow unsatisfied with yourself. "Bitch, I have more issues than Vogue", "Nobody's perfect", "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels", "Real women have curves", "Real men don't shave" etc. I'm literally sick of it. All these unnecessary expressions that describe a perfect woman/man and the ones which are unwanted such as "saggy boobs", "skin and bones", "bootiful",...

There are two types of people who support this madness:
a) Media
b) People who lack confidence and self respect

The concept is so easy to understand. We are very happy at first but then at the age of 7 let's say we are faced with the truth that our body is changing. Suddenly, someone expects from us to be "neat" and to wear bras, shave, use special makeup products to hide all of our ugliness and to correct this catastrophe we're turning into. They teach us to be unhappy just for one reason. They want to sell us products. From anti-wrinkle creams, anti-cellulite lotions, food supplements for muscles and hair, diet pills, razors. Since we're just naive kids they're raising us up in their values to become a loyal customer in future.

People who lack confidence and self respect
We're not the same. But we all want to be happy and completed. Unfortunately many of them choose a wrong tool to achieve that. Instead on focusing on themselves, finding the reason of negative emotions within themselves they blame others. Some think that if they comment on your appearance it says it all about yourself, but it's not true at all. We are reflecting what we think of ourselves in inside to others. Relationships with others define how we treat ourselves. You know the book No Exit by Sartre? He says that hell is not a place, it's people around us. It's right. The problems we have with ourselves manifest in others around, so we are facing the consequences all the time. That's why you hear "She's too skinny/fat." "Go shave your armpits" (Btw, I won't shave them, lol. I think it's beautiful.) "Why do you look so boyish" "Act like a woman" "Girls don't like thin guys" and more nonsense of this kind.

We've all been in position of judging others, maybe even without saying it out loud. But admit it, you've done that. And now I shocked you and you feel ashamed of doing it. So, here come your actions. Take some time for yourself to find out what you truly believe in, who are you, why do you like something or not, why are you feeling the way you do. Give compliments, be kind, opened, understanding. People will do that back to you. That's the right time to step out from this herd of sheep and stand for yourself. That's the only way to fulfilment. Spread the loveeee

I wish you all to realize how special you are and how naturally perfect you are just like that. Be proud, dare to say you ROCK.

Thank you, Motel, for sending me this super soft and comfy gorgeous playsuit, I'll be wearing it all year around. <3

Playsuit: MOTEL ROCKS (order it here!)
Platforms: YRU

Photo: Robert Ribič

I hope you liked it, thank you so much for reading my blog.


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