11 April, 2015

Dark chick

This week has been the most amazing week this year so far. I'm realizing I've made a huge progress at blogging and I've been noticed by a few very influential people. No worries, I'll remain down to earth. :) I believe it's important to value yourself; by saying "I'm not so special", "Chill, I'm really average" or any of those craps you're downgrading yourself.

This post wasn't planned, Roberto caught me in city centre and we spontaneously took some photos. Again in this dress, right? Well, I refuse to be one of those bloggers who wear a new outfit each day. I believe it's important to know how to mix and match, not only to shop till you drop. It's always a challenge and I'm loving it!
You can see how I styled the dress in a winter posts below:

It's official, I'll be attending Ljubljana Fashion Week (12.-15. April 2015). I'll wear 3 amazing outfits by my favourite designer brands at the moment:

We're also working on an editorial for Quirky Me's new collection featuring gorgeous Ajda Podgoršek (ajdapodgorsek.blogspot.com) and myself. The photos were taken by one and only, Robert Ribič. 

Dress - thrifted in Textile House
Jacket - my brother's
Glasses - Alexander Wang x H&M
Bag - H&M
Socks - Monki
Sandals - H&M

Lipstick - MAC Dark side

Photo: Robert Ribič



  1. Top, top, top!
    Outfit mi je zelo zelo všeč, da o novi frizuri ne govorim - ti res zelo paše! :)

  2. Huda, totalno.

    Tole oblekco bi še jaz nosila! :D

  3. Love, love and LOVE. The socks are a delight and your make-up.. perfection! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  4. Super Agnes.
    Frizura ti na tale outfit neizmerno pase.