07 April, 2015

Green primer: No more redness?

I'm here with a quick review on Parisax Base Correctrice de teint. It's a green tones primer which is supposed to cancel out any redness and prepare your skin for foundation so it lasts longer.

What it does?

It neutralizes red cheeks, pimples and any red imperfections. It's not crazy green so you won't even see it when applied.

Does it REALLY work?

Yes it does. I got this product a few months ago but to be honest I didn't post it online because I thought it doesn't work. I want to feature only the products I believe in. But I was mistaken. I tried it on my skin at dim light and I applied it to my whole face so I of course couldn't compare the before and after.
But a week ago something nteresting happened. I watched a Yutube video about covering redness and the girl mentioned some primer she uses. There's a special trick she said, you've gotta wait for a few minutes so it starts working. So I took it back from my beauty drawer and gave it a second chance. I applied it to one cheek and let it dry for about 5 minutes. And it worked!!! The neutralized cheeck was much less red and very nice and soft. It was a little bit grey compared to the other glowing red cheek. It's meant to put foundation over that, you can even use a concealer underneath.

When do you use it?
Whenever. Its texture is very light so it won't bother you to wear it even every single day.

I'm so happy I own this product. As a rosacea sufferer I must work hard to cover redness. I would absolutely advise you to buy it. It's far better than Catrice, Essence or any other green primer I've used.

You can buy it here for 18.50 EUR: http://parisax.si/trgovina/baze-primerji/korektivna-baza-zelena-vph0636-3/

AAA, it's such an amazing day today. I got my accreditations for FW Ljubljana confirmed (12.-15. April 2015 on Kongresni Trg), will I see you there? What are you going to wear? I'll post it all on the blog, so everybody will be able to catch a glimpse of the runway, my outfits and other fashion week things.

Agnes :)

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  1. Živjo, Agnes. :) Na tvojem snapchatu sem pred kakšnim mesecem zasledila nekakšno stvarco za odstranjevanje ''puhka'' na licih oz. ti si napisala ''fuzzy peach'', pa me zanima, kako se tej stvari dejansko reče in kje se kupi. Pa tudi, če to odebeli oz. naredi ta puhek bolj gost. Oprosti, če sem se čudno izrazila. :)