02 May, 2015

NATURAL contour, highlight, blush

I was in a search for nice blushers. I've gotta tell you I've always hated them. I was intimidated to use them because I have rosacea (strong redness) and why would I keep adding redness to my face, right? But it's not really like that. I've already told you how to get rid of redness (HERE), but complexion with no colour is dull and perfectly concealed face makes you look like a cartoon character. That's why we have to add add dimension back using contour, highlight and blushers. Some will go natural, some will go dramatic, it's your choice. :)

I tend to wear heavy sculpted face using cream products most of the time. But since summer is coming and I really don't want to look like a moving cake I started experimenting with powder formulas. I've been loving Essence Silky blush in 40 Natural beauty because it's such a pretty pink-brown shade. You won't even need contouring, I actually use it as contour when I want warmer face.
I was thinking of writing a special guide post about heavy cream contour & highlight, would you be interested in reading it?

As you already know, I'm a huge fan of Paula's Choice products. From skincare saviours to special makeup must-haves. Their latest collection Spring-Summer 2015 includes Blush it on Contour palette. I was dying to test it out and my wish came true.

This six-color blush and contour palette features 4 blushes, 1 silky contouring bronzer and 1 luminous highlight shade. The colors can be used individually or mixed for a variety of looks.

Shade Descriptions:
Pearl:soft, slightly warm ivory with a hint of opalescent pink
Bronze: warm slightly golden brown with soft tan undertone
Delicate Coral: soft, peachy-pink
Dusty Rose: classic rose with a slight brown undertone
Peony: bright healthy pink
Soft Mauve: understated sheer rose-toned shade.

How I use it:

I contour cheekbones, temples, nose, jawline, under lower lip using Bronze and a large brush. It's more of a dusty matte shade, no more orange faces! The shade is really a hit, it beats all the bronzers I've tried. It's quite light, perfect for the ones who are afraid of using bronzers and contours. It blends with ease.

Then I put on blush. I usually apply it over my bronzer on cheekbones and a little bit on apples of my cheeks. I really love almost transparently blushed cheeks so it still looks natural. This palette is a great choice for the ones who love looking natural. Those four blushes are wonderfully pigmented but at the same time they blend nicely and don't stick to your face when you put it on, don't worry about having lines of blush anymore. You can choose between warmer and colder shades, which is wonderful. I especially love the one at bottom right, Soft Mauve, because it's quite dusty and looks gorgeous mixed with Bronze. But you can also gradually build the intensity up if you want to.

Then I apply highlight shade Pearl on top of cheekbones, bridge of my nose, cupid's bow, under eyebrows. It's the only shimmery shade in this palette, but it's so finely grinded you won't see any glitter, it will only appear as a light luminous reflection. The shade is very light, you really have to pack it on if you like prominent highlight (personally, I wish it was more intense), but on the other side it's a great choice for the ones who like it delicate.

Thoughts and recommendations:

I would absolutely recommend buying it if you like natural looking sculpted face. I assure you it's easy to use, even for beginners. Just use a big fluffy brush and voilà!

It retails for 39.90 EUR on www.paulaschoice.si , which may seem a lot for a student's tight budget, but it's worth it. It's so practical to take it with you anywhere, you also have a mirror inside. You get a generous size of products, 3g each. Plus - it's multifunctional. I use the blushers as eyeshadows almost every day, they look especially pretty on blue eyes. I'm sure you'll like it. Paula's Choice launches only a few makeup products each season and they always make sure they're exactly what you need.

Share you thoughts with me, have you tried it? Do you like it? Or will you maybe even consider buying it? What is your favourite blush palette?

Next post will be the outfit I was wearing on those photos, I think you'll like it! Stay tuned!

Xx, Agnes


  1. Z veseljem bi prebrala kaj o konturi!

    Sama ne uporabljam rdecila saj ze tako ali tako dobim rdeca lica cez dan haha

  2. I haven't tried these, maybe some day...and I would be happy to hear that post about contouring that you're thinking about writing.
    great photos, you make up is always so flawless and dramatic, Agnes!