18 April, 2015

Best of Ljubljana Fashion Week

Ljubljana Fashion Week. Fall-Winter 15/16. 4 days. 10 shows. 20 brands and designer students.

The shows I attended:
Irina Tosheva
Milica Vukadinović
Natasa Persuh
Ivan Rocco
Petja Zorec
Dajana Ljubičić
NTF students of 4th & 5th year
Sofia Nogard
Miro Misljen

I sadly missed the first day of #LJFW, it's hard to manage school and work as a blogger.

I was wearing an iridescent mermaid outfit by a British designer duo Dry Cry:

My favourite collection of the day was HAIDUK by Milica Vukadinovic. The show was on point- strong beat, fierce masculine walk, killer look. The collection was inspired by rebellious street boys of upper class who set their own rules. Fierce, bold, mysterious, attractive.
No surprise, this show was by far one of the best ones!

We with Ajda Podgoršek were wearing a new collection of Quirky Me:
Purple biker jacket (get here)
Holographic skirt (get here)
PVC clear jacket (get here)
2-piece dress (get here)
Fur bag (get here)

Petja Zorec rocked it with a super wearable but still with a modern aesthetic twist. The collection is inspired by a life circle, from birth to death, flowers. Sensitive, detailed, soft. I especially liked how the outfits were paired with Teva x Petja Zorec amazing new socks collection and Teva Original sandals. I would wear it all.

Ivan Rocco never disappoints. His new collection called My Giovanni contains only few staple pieces, it's oriented to a courageous woman who isn't afraid to wear unusual material combinations. How chic!

Day 4
I was wearing a cut out dress by Janja Videc Clothing - Clothing Alchemy collection (Get it here)!

Wednesday was crazy good! First I attended NTF students' shows. There were two designers that always take my breath away, Sara Valenci and Janja Videc.

Sara Valenci: collection VASILIJ Hi-Fi
No need to ramble, I think her designs speak themselves. Her colour combinations seem a bit odd but act in her favour as this is the main point- to be bold. Sara also won Elle prize for the best collection. Congratulations!

Janja Videc
The collection plays with vision of a modern witch. The materials are unusually natural, from wool, silk to linen. She's famous for her own cuts, which are always sharp, innovative and minimalist. Her colour palette varies within monochrome shades, but this time she incorporated also some earthy browns.

Janja Videc is one of my favourite Slovenian designers. I was wearing one of her dresses for my friend's prom and let me reveal a secret, I'll be wearing one of her designs from the new collection today on my prom! Can you guess which one?

Janja won a prize of Ljubljana Fashion week for the best collection and was awarded a solo show in next season! Congratulations!

Akultura - collection AKULTURA ART. Voluminous collection that was inspired by painting. Slightly androgynous and sporty, I bet the jackets will be a hit!

Photo: Robert Ribič and Klemen Razinger

I think it was an amazing event. Even though Slovenian market is small and demands simple, classic, comfortable and rather sporty, wearable designs there were some for all. From extreme Matic Veler pieces, chic and feminine PRINCIP, minimalist Janja Videc, business SENS to sporty Akultura or KICK by Olimpija. It's a shame some cannot take what they're given and criticize the event because the budget isn't comparable to luxurious and gigantic events like Paris Fashion Week. I think it's crucial to have an opportunity like this to see what this market has to offer, because at the end, Slovenian designers easily compared internationally. Don't spend all your money for Zara's crappy China made clothes, now you don't have any excuse more for not buying Slovenian designs.

Hugs and kisses,
Agnes Xx 


  1. Wow super! A smem samo uprasat kok si visoka, ker res ful ogromna zgledas but i like it so much <3

  2. Wow super! A smem samo uprasat kok si visoka ker res ogromna zgledas but i like it so much
    Ampk ja ful si lepa <3