06 January, 2015

United thrifted nudists

I've been super excited about thrift shopping lately. There is a new store in centre of Ljubljana, just next to the Dragon bridge (no, I'm not promoting it, but I had to spread the love!). Once a while they have those crazy sales and you won't believe me, I got this gorgeous and very very quality made vintage dress with padded shoulders for *khmkhm* 3.5 Euros.
Haha, I knew some you would get jealous and some of you would freak out why I wear the clothes that have already been work by others. And some of you love it.

But let me explain: There are masses of really beautiful clothes that have been barely worn and well preserved and some people just decide not to have them any more so they give them away. Second hand shops sell them at very low prices and everybody's happy. As you may see there are those big stores like Zara and H&M who sell mass collections and the truth is that the clothes are getting worse and worse, they are made to be destroyed easily. You are forced to buy whether expensive brands or vintage/second hand if you want them to last seasons. And I think it's a wonderful decision to thrift. The clothes may be far better, they are cheep and you won't be dressed the same as all your friends.

I think the crisis is a great opportunity, we are forced to reach out of our limits in sense of considering buying, selling and exchanging your clothes with other people. And apart of that, it's ecological.
And for the ones who still aren't convinced that thrift shopping is awesome you might catch on that: some thrift shops also sell luxury brands and sometimes if you're very lucky you may get a chance and discover some real gems like Burberry coats etc, which you can sell to someone for double the price.

I started thrift shopping last summer while I was in London and after Googling the brands I bought I got out that I was very lucky. I got a vest for 1 pound that costed the buyer around 200 pounds. Nice, huh? And since then I love thrift stores. I still buy new clothes too, obviously.

There are many events for changing those unworn and dusty clothes too, also in Ljubljana. For all the locals, here are some news:
Exchange your clothes on Izmenjevalnica oblačil on Waldorfska Gimnazija (Streliška 12, Ljubljana), January the 28th at 5-7pm. It's a monthly event hosted by Tekstilnica of an ecological society Ekologi brez meja. The entrance costs only 3 Euros. The rest information is available Here.

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I also took a look at United Nude Pop-up store and chose those gorgeous and eye catchy heels with nice metal details.

Dress: thrifted
Belt: H&M
Leggings: Calzedonia
Heels: United Nude

Photo: Robert Ribič

I hope I inspired you to widen your fashionable sight and try new things.

Xx, Agnes

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