19 February, 2015

Quirky me at 080 Barcelona Fashion

As you may know Barcelona's fashion week (so called 080 Fashion) took between 2nd-5th February. I was glad to spot my favourite Spanish designer Cintia Gonzalves (a CEO of Quirky Me) presenting and selling her prĂȘt-Ă -porter, accessories and bags on 080 Fashion Market.

Quirky me is a young fresh brand with a strong aesthetic vision. Do you remember the interview I did with Cintia, the designer?

Quirky me has just launched their new 2015 collection of alien/mermaid/80s&90s inspired pieces. The collection is full of metallic, PVC, iridescent materials, faux fur, mesh and daring colours.

It will be officially launched on Quirky Me web store soon!

I'm truly happy to see that hard work pays off. Small designers need more attention, because there are so many young and unknown talents in this world who deserve it.
More of Quirky Me soon on Agnes Krown blog!

Xx, Agnes

PS: Thank you Etiketa magazin for naming me for the blogger of the month. I'm flattered!

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