21 February, 2015

Rich B*tch

How is your February, babes? I've had a pretty rough month full of tests and work. But it paid off, I'm on holidays this week. :) Deserved it. Well, not very relaxing holidays, I'm studying. But don't panic, I'm planning on posting some pretty amazing posts soon. The first one about my skincare routine and tips to improve your skin will be there on Tuesday! And a big hair change is coming #excited.

This time I tried to step out of the safe zone by wearing something very feminine, chic, elegant and #classy. Okay, I had to wear boots. :D

Dress: Imperial from Ikona
Coat: BFC from Ikona
Clutch: Braccialini from Ikona
Boots: thrifted

Photo: Robert Ribič

Xx, Agnes

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  1. I love your work and how you're so passionate and ambitious. My favorite so far, keep going. x