17 October, 2014

Quirky Me

Quirky Me is a new brand, founded by Cintia Gonzalvez, a young designer from Barcelona. It's known for its coolness, edge, futuristic touches & materials and sharp aesthetic vision. Fashion with a heart.
She loves patent and sheer as well as faux fur and leather, fishnet and clear materials. Also zips, cutouts, buttons and original closure methods like clasps, snap buttons, buckles and other elements in unexpected ways. Regarding colors, she's known for combining black and bright colors. Her signature jackets has been adored all around the world including by Le Happy and other famous bloggers. I'm very honored to have a chance to present you such a promising designer!

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Agnes: Who is the creative behind Quirky me? What's your designer story?

Cintia: I'm a self taught designer and artist. I didn't go to a fashion school but have illustration formation, which is the profession I thought I would make a living of. And I did for a while, as a comic artist, in a video game company and as a freelance artist. But that changed for me in an unexpected turn of events because of some health issues, and so I had to decide what to do with my life and that favoured the creation of Quirky Me, a dream of mine I never thought I would start working on that soon.
I may not have a fashion design grade, but I think I was born for it. Not only fashion design but design overall. I could design from a building to a pen if I could haha. :)

 (Brand embodiment, Cintia Gonzalves herself.)

Agnes:Who or what is your inspiration and why?

Cintia: I don't like to look at other designers for inspiration because I want my designs to be as genuine as possible, although I think everything has already been invented in the fashion industry, so I just look for inspiration in materials, colours, textures and concepts that catch my attention, and of course, in my other favourite hobbies such as video games, music, comics, movies and many kinds of art. I like to think music is my muse, I find it undoubtedly, the best source of inspiration. There's some songs which I can't get tired of listening to and they always fill my head with tons of ideas. Works like a charm!

Agnes: Tell us some more about your brand!

Cintia: Quirky Me is a project that I had in my mind since a very young age, only that I didn't know it yet! I always kept designing characters and outfits and dreaming about bringing them to life. Then I started growing up and being sure that some day I would have my own label which would gather all these ideas, concepts, materials and colours which I really like and that are part of the brand's personality.
I knew I wanted to do that, to gather a lot of ideas I never saw under one same brand. I used to find something I liked here and there but never the 100% "me" brand. And that's what Quirky Me is about, the brand which is 100% me.

(Signature Biker girl jackets)

Agnes: What are your biggest wishes and goals?

Cintia: My main goal is to turn into an established and trusted brand so I could really make a living of it and to become only and exclusively the thinking head, to create and design all these ideas I really want to share and have a great time that would compliment me and make "magic" together. I don't need to be rich or famous you know? I just want to live a happy life and to have everything I need to live in peace, which is not much, materially speaking.

Agnes: Who's your dream customer, who would you like to dress?

Cintia: My dream customer is a girl like you and me who is avid for visual candy, with a taste for art, music, whimsical stuff and her own way of thinking. A girl who is quirky, badass and creative and will stay true to herself.

(Famous bloggers in her jackets)

Agnes: What projects have you worked on?

Cintia: All the projects I worked on before I launched quirky Me were related to illustration, graphic design and concept design for comics and video games! I was starting to have my own fanbase as a digital artist and got featured for the first time in a couple magazines and books about digital artists until that turn of events which forced me to leave it all aside. At this moment there are two retailers selling my designs in Barcelona; Cougar Collection at Flamingos Gallery, and Last Tango Barcelona, I encourage anyone to go and visit them, they have super nice stuff!

Agnes: I'm very interested, tell us some fun facts about you!

Cintia: I'm a crazy cat lady with no cats of her own or that you can so easily buy me with chocolate and food besides of my constant need of changing my hair colour and that I have other unrelated hobbies such as architectural model making, abandoned places and all vintage stuff, biology and that I hold a grudge for playing an instrument or learning other languages (I hope I will do all of that some day!)
My favourite colour changes as my mood does haha.

I really enjoyed answering your questions Agnes.
Thanks so much!

(Quick shots of the prototypes, soon for sale.)

What is your first impression? Which piece is you favourite?
Soon more about Quirky me on Agnes Krown blog!

Xx, Agnes

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