16 February, 2015

DRH Interviewed me: Agnes' views on Body image

I was requested by Das Rock Haus to answer some very interesting question about my views on body image. It's such a privilege to be featured on their site.

"Das Rock Haus is an up-and-coming fashion label inspired by and hand-made for the everyday women. Our goal is to bring fashion to women who don’t seek to fit in with the current definitions and beauty standards as portrayed in the media. By extension, we encourage and engage women to embrace their inner spirit, love their bodies and elevate their style, regardless of their size and body shape."

DRH: As a younger woman, have you noticed parts of your body changing? How did you respond to these changes from a fashion perspective?

Agnes: "I hit puberty quite late. I was even one of the shortest and smallest girl in my school until the age of 12 when I grew rapidly - 13cm in one year. It was only when I reached 16 years of age when I reached my final height of 178cm. Many of my friends were still shorter and I didn't feel comfortable wearing heels at all because if it but then I still decided to rock it rather than cry over it so I bought my very first pair of comfortable 10cm heels and started wearing it for... "

DRH: We loved your "Lovechild" blog post -- What inspired you to stand out from the crowd and move away from what society says is beautiful?

Agnes: "I inspired myself. When I started writing my blog I didn't have a clue what I wanted to represent, who I was and what my goals were. With a help of other social media and amazing inspiring profiles such as Charlie Barker, Joseph Harwood and Asher Britton I realised my biggest strength is that I was always being myself. ..."

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Thank you for reading my blog!
Xx, Agnes

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