11 October, 2014

Revolver heart x Agnes Krown

REVOLVER HEART is a relatively new brand, which was founded in spring 2013. It's known for their interesting fashion prints in philosophic-pop-art concept. Two super cool chicks, Tijana Bass and Sanja Cherish, who are sisters by the way, do design in a different way, they aren't afraid of shaking up the stereotypes and being original. Therefore their fashion is unisex. Most prints are worn by men and women, some pieces differ just by materials. There are two lines: ''Basic'', which can be worn everyday and ''Couture'', which is made with quality materials such as silk, fur, lace, velvet.

I'm wearing an exclusive couture piece, Cleopatra hoodie. I love their edgy-chic elegance. It empowers me. It's made of black silk and has lace detailing around a hood. It's transparent in front, which I like the best. Mysteriously sexy won't ever get boring. Yet the most interesting thing about it is the printed back.

Contact them and get yourself someting cool:
FB page (click!)

Photo: Robert Ribič

xx, Agnes

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