27 October, 2014

Out of my safe zone

Finally here!
Aghhh, sometimes it's so hard to push your limits and challenge yourself. This time I was pushed out my comfortable zone by Nathan Snayger, who was my stylist for this shooting. Classical sexy clothes aren't my thing, you have probably noticed that. It was a cool but a bit intimidating experience to be more feminine and sensual. In future, I'll surely be more relaxed. You can imagine my deadly look as usual, which I love so much haha, and how much we all laughed when I tried to be 'good b*tch'..
The main reason why I said yes for doing that is to learn how to get things done even if it isn't my cup of tea, to try being more opened because it can be very handy in life.

Stylist: Nathan Snayger
Hair: Nathan Snayger
Makeup: Agnes Krown
Photographer: Robert Ribič

How do you like this side of me?
Thank you for reading my blog, till next time!

xx Agnes

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