29 September, 2014

MFW Report

And finally some really -and I have to say it again- REALLY good shows! Here are my picks, I only chose 6, but I must admit I would wear almost all of them.

Dolce & Gabanna
This gay couple in love knows exactly how to please a woman. From black, white, red to golden. The red line of collection was Spanish theme: red carnation motifs, polka dot flamenco skirts and embroidered suits. They took our breaths away when we saw trophy belts and of course a finale- girls in crisp white romantic shirts and red highwaisted shorts.

Emilio Pucci
He brought us back some bright colors, orange is alive again! And 70s are back. Emilio says: "I really wanted to do it last time so just thought I'm just going to do it." An we love it. Well, there's been quite some major designer houses who tried to revive the 70s including Gucci and Prada.
They tried to represent us a carefree woman. I think they succeeded 100%.
From beautiful embellished dresses and knee-high boots through business suits to boho dresses.

What can I say- Versace NAILED it!
Versace is stripped back, bold, sexy and fresh, as Donatella says.
There was unusually little black. I think it's an amazing collection because it's much more versatile than usual. A step forward, out of their safe zone maybe. Go 60s!

They got my vote when I saw just the first dress. Beautiful floral collection, quite daring and sexy but in an innocent way.

Marco de Vicenzo
Very interesting textures and color combination. It's a very wearable collection but with a visible touch of creativity and uniqueness.

Who wasn't talking about Moschino?! Hello Barbie, let's go party- literally. Pink, glitter, plastic, blonde voluminous hair, cat eye sunnies, big chunky pieces of jewellery. Smiley and playful models. How cute.
It's a very interesting and almost theatrical collection. I cannot wait to see celebrities styling some of these pieces. I love that there were models of every skin color. :) Can you guess which brand will be a next inspiration for Moschino? My bet goes for something pin-up.

Photos: Vogue.com

Milan S/S 2015 fulfilled my expectations. Old and trusted designer houses never disappoint you may say, but they're also under all this pressure for staying in game with a breath-taking collection every season. I'm very happy. There isn't any new super visible style except reviving 60s and 70s. Every customer will find their favorite collection because its diversity.

Do you vote for D&G's Spanish lady, Pucci's boho girl, Versace's star of the night, Bluemarine's sensual woman, de Vicenzo's lady on point or Moschino's Barbie?

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Thank you for reading,

x Agnes

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