25 April, 2014

Spring in #BPOTD

I was wondering, should I wear brighter colors in spring? No, it's not 'Nez'! I'm just one of those cats who swear by the quote: "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker shade."

The painting of Joze Sajn I chose for this post represents the process. Spring is a process, right? The nature is waking up, it's time for Fashion Weeks, new wardrobe, makeup and fresh changes. And i'm somehow still in all that forever-dark-fall-mode.

I was very lucky to receive an amazing tee and an envelope bag of a Slovene designer B. Polanec! He's known for his couture hats, bird prints and for collection of #BPOTD T-shirts which are very popular right now! When you get one, make sure to hashtag it on social media :)
He also worked with ALLAROUNDEVE and was featured in Eclectic magazine.

This tee must have been made for me! Best of both worlds, black+spring theme print.

I'm wearing:
H&M skirt
H&M trench coat
H&M sandals

Makeup Nez in fashion wonderland

Official website of B.Polanec: http://www.bpolanec.com

Thank you for reading,
x Nez

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