21 May, 2015

NEW hair + outfit

Woohoo, I changed my hair again. My previous grey dye got washed out pretty fast so I was kinda brunette for some weeks. And it was truly boring. You know, brown hair don't match many eyeshadows, black brows, some lipsticks and it's not as bold as I want me to look. I love monochrome. So I decided for a change again. I always trust my hair to Viki's Place where their hairdresser Sabina always transforms me into something really special.

I wanted to have black roots and so it was, plus grey-blue ends. I'm more than happy with the result. I think it makes my blue eyes stand out and gives me that witchy vibe. LOVIN! Plus, my hair is super renewed thanks to a special treatment called Olaplex that is used by many celebs including Kardashians. It's really soft now. And yes, it's messy because I love messy hair. 

Crop top by New Yorker
Chain necklace custom made, a gift
Jacket by Dimepiece
Jeans by Versace Signature
Bag by Zara
Jelly sandals by Juju

Photo: Robert Ribič

Special thanks to Viki's Place. Find them on Viki's place page, Facebook, Instagram and follow their special weekly offers.

Xx, Agnes


  1. fantastična frizura i boja koja ti odlično pristaje!
    super izgledaš!


  2. Mogoče se spoznaš kaj več na Olaplex? Kakšno je tvoje mnenje o njemu in ali so tvoji lasje res bolj zdravi zdaj po uporabi Olaple-xa?

  3. Kakšna pa je cena barvanja in striženja, če ni skrivnost? :)

  4. Tudi mene zanima cena?lp

  5. You look so cute, I like your outfit and hair! Go girl 👌