09 May, 2015

Lightweight plastic

As you see my hair is getting blonder and I cannot wait to dye it black again. But there is literally no time. I'm studying for my matura exams (the essay was fine). I'll remind you all to stay well hydrated, especially this month, it's Hydration Month held by Equa (water bottles company). I agreed to become their ambassador as I strongly believe drinking water is essential and that I can be a good role model at drinking water. :) I drink at least 2L of filtered water every day. When I don't I notice huge mood swings, dizziness, dull skin, bloating, poor concentration. It's so easy to stay hydrated but we somehow forgot about that and rather search for some magical health pills not realizing it's closer than we think. Have a glass of water now!

So, after you drank your glass of water.. Here's a quick outfit post that I wore last week, you can see that I'm a bit lazy with my glamorous makeup, but I think that's what spring brings. Feeling fresh and motivated!

PLUS, I have a discount code for you: AgnesHydration10 for 10% off via www.myequa.com.

Have you already seen the new Artdeco's Summer Collection 2015 'Here comes the sun'? It's awesome! The collection consists of following products:

Art Couture Nail Lacquer (3 shades) NEW & Basic
•Sunshine Eyeshadow (4 shades) -NEW& Limited
•Sunshine Lip Gloss (2 shades) –NEW & Limited
•KholKajal (1 shade) –NEW & Limited
•Bronzing Powder Compact (2 shades) –NEW packaging & Limited
•Sunshine Blush (1 shade) –NEW design & Limited
•Sunshine Glow Fluid (1 shade) –NEW & Limited
•Spray on Leg Foundation (3 shades) -Limited

I especially love those 3 eyeshadows, they're PERFECT if you want that bronzy light smokey look. They aren't very pigmented but they create a beautiful colored shadow. Easily blended together. Long lasting (tested!).

You can put the white one ("Blazing sun” no.26) on top of your lid, under eyebrows or even as highlighter, looks really gorgeous thanks to its pearly finish. The brown one ("Sand beach” no.21) is perfect for the ones who want to use just one shadow to create a sleek bronzy summer eye look, it's not too dark. And the pink one ("Sun bath” no..31) works amazing with blue or green eyes because of the color contrast.

Personally, I use it to blend out the brown shadow to warm it up a bit. I also tried to use it as a blush and it's super nice. You should check them out, I think they're versatile and a great choice for summer days. They're easy to work with so you can just pack them on and blend it all with one brush. They retail for around 9 EUR each (available in Muller or via Moja kozmetika- CLICK).

Which one is your favourite? I'm in love with the brown one!

H&M skirt
random top (unknown brand)
vintage trench coat (thanks Nathan!)
H&M bag
JuJu chunky jellies

Photo: Robert Ribič

Thank you all for reading Agnes Krown blog!
Xx, A

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