21 April, 2015

My Prom

I decided to share these personal photos with you because I believe I hadn't posted a photo of my family before. It was an amazing evening with my loved ones. I'm aware of the fact I'm a lucky girl to have such an amazing and inspiring family and Gal, my ex-schoolmate who danced with me. I had so much fun I couldn't stop laughing. Reality :)

It saddens me a little when I realize I'm growing and that we won't be together for long and that I'll leave Gimnazija Bežigrad in 2 months. But on the other side I'm looking forward to experiencing new things.

Nace (my brother) on the left, Gal (my friend) on the right

My family - I wanted us to be dressed in monochrome! #stylishmoments

I had a privilege to wear a dress just off the runway. It's a transparent silk & linen dress by Janja Videc Clothing that was presented at Ljubljana Fashion week last Wednesday. It's my dream dress. Not only I think it looks super gorgeous but I also felt comfortable and confident in it, which is really important. Since I'm not a classic girl I still wanted to keep a detail that wasn't expected. So I put on those white chunky plastic boots, a stone necklace from Janja Videc's new collection and minimal evening makeup.

Father's dance

I did my mum's makeup, she's such a youthful lady. I'm glad I have her smile. :)

Wishing you a fabulous week!
Xx, Agnes


  1. Kok nora obleka <3
    Pa tvoja mami je res lepa, ful mladostno izgleda, sedaj vem od kje ti dobri geni:)

  2. Wow kok super zgledaš a čevlji super pašejo zraven.
    Pa super je videti tvojo družino zraven, si čisto mami podobna:)


  3. Oh girl you rock on..amazing style, look, family, with no words more;)


  4. your mother is youthful indeed...you're both beautiful!