26 April, 2015

Improve your style!

To be honest, I've always disliked UGG boots, maybe because of the fact every basic b*tch in Ljubljana owns at least a pair. Those kind of trends are stupid to me, because love for them doesn't come from genuine adoration but from a wish to show off money and to be 'it girl'. It shows a lack of creativity, taste, confidence. If they weren't a trend I maybe would get a pair.

I've been thinking about my attitude to trends and popular pieces. I don't want to follow them. Yes. I'd rather be a trendsetter myself. I refuse to buy a pair of white Converse or an Armani plastic bag for example. But is it even good for me to limit myself like that, does it even show any kind of power or qualities? Sometimes you profit the most when you overcome your limits and give the thing you would normally never chose a go! That way you can really discover new exciting hobbies, meet interesting people, improve your style. 

It's spring so I obviously  cannot wear boots anymore, so I decided to get a pair of UGG sandals. It was a challenge to combine it in my style, but I'm really happy to own them now. I discovered another side of me that can get a bit more preppy and romantic. First, they're so comfortable and easy to walk in, but I also think they would look great with most of my clothes, I just have to combine it right. I think I did a good job, what do you think?

Do you like them? What are the things you would never ever wear? Comment below, I'm more than interested to know!

UGG Jules Pearl sandals from Spring-Summer 2015 collection (info HERE)
H&M skirt
Grandma's shirt
H&M plastic bag

Ph. Robert Ribič

I also wanted to share my recent discovery with you. While searching for my prom dress I came across a cute web store Sherry London. They sell cocktail party dresses, evening and prom dresses plus much more. All the productions that you need in their website are custom made, which could let you get the goods suitable. I wish I could attend more evening events and be wearing some of the dresses I found dozens of gorgeous dresses that remind me of the latest Rodarte FW 15/16 collection on NYFW (photo below).

I much admit there is a fine line between looking cheap and expensive, but I believe it's a matter of how you combine the dress for example. The dress I like the most is the third blue one. It's such a shame being a Barbie has a bad sound to it, it should be the opposite - it's a lot of hard work, talent and a good eye to look like an expensive one. I've been loving vintage dresses lately, especially the ones by Gianni Versace from the 90s and these dresses below seem like a modern and cheaper version you can get for your special occasion.

Here are some of my favourites:

 Dresses from left:

"www.sherrylondon.co.uk Bridesmaid is an embodiment of dignity, elegance and fashion. We combine the view of dignity and elegance with the east graceful and restrained spirit, designing its dresses of unique, showing originality in the skill of draping tailor and using the first rate imported fabrics"

Inspired by Rodarte:

I wish you all a successful week and good luck to the ones who are taking matura essay on Tuesday, we'll rock it!
Xx, Agnes


  1. oooo ful lepi sandali, ampak škoda ker so tok dragi! vsaj ne bo jih imelo veliko deklet :D drugače pa sem si ravno naredila svoj blogec in danes napisala prvo objavo ampak trenutno še nimam nobenega občinstva. you're more than welcome, da prečekiraš :)


  2. I totally agree about the trend part. If a piece becomes mainstream I quickly lose interest for it. And somehow that makes it kinda cheap (usually because so many brands imitate the exact design in a cheaper version). It is very rare that I would buy something trendy, I just stick to my style and that's it.

    You look gorgeous btw :*

  3. Super fotke Agnes oz Robert. :)
    Po pravici povedano nisem vedela, da imajo tudi UGG sandale. Na tebi zgledajo bozansko. Taki poletni so.

    p.s. sama sem velika fanica dungareejev oz overallsov zato bi mi bilo v veliko veselje, ce bi tebe kdaj videla v njih oz objavo na tvojem blogu (ce so ti seveda usec in bi jih nosila), da vidim, kako bi jih ti skombinirala!

  4. Omg, you look amazing dear ;) xoxxx

  5. O moj boh, tale uvodni del o Uggicah in belih Allstarkah je prav za na cover page od Smrklje ali Cosmopolitana (ali karkoli se danes še bere)!! Se čisto čisto strinjam. Sicer se včasih zalotim, da tudi mene kakšen trend zagrabi (tale ameriški boho chic z vsemi svojimi resicami...res močno razmišljam kako ga malo prirediti za svoj (po navadi) 'not so casual' stil). Ampak se potrudim, da vedno najdem 'my own twist to it'. Najdeš pa včasih kakšen res tako lepe svetle izjeme, ko bejba celoten stil tako dobro prilagodi svojemu karakterju, ko jo vidiš, da kar žari na ulici, da ji tudi tiste bele Allstarke odpustim (Uggic nikoli.). Včasih sem kar tko "Ej, a te lahko slikam?" :D
    Drugače pa teli sandalčki so noro luškani (pa tudi če so od iste firme, se sploh ne prepozna), če so pa še udobni po vrhu, potem je pa sploh win-win!! :D

  6. you styled those wedges perfectly...such a lovely look! it's nice to see this romantic side to you!