09 March, 2015

DRH skirt and Collistar Transparency

Yay, spring is coming. Meaning skirts, sandals+socks, light jackets and sunny days. I've already seen some changes in my mood, did you see my bright makeup looks I've been wearing these days? Pink, purple, orange, hot red. Feels kinda fresh even though I still love black smokey eyes and vampy lips. You'll be able to read about bright lip colours in a few days! :)

I came across the wonderful and empowering brand from Singapore, Das Rock Haus. Their CEO Fiza found me on Facebook and after chatting a bit (she's such a lovely and warm person!) I was offered to be sent one of their skirts. The reason why I love it so much is because this brand promotes healthy body image. They want women to feel good in their bodies and to embrace their look and size. That's why they designer wrap around skirts which fit every size. I finally don't worry about gaining or loosing weight and not being able to fit in it any more. I'm glad to see fashion companies with such positive impact on body image. 

"We love our bodies and we want to celebrate them, but we don’t want to do it alone. We want to make every woman feel beautiful in their own skin and find clothes that are fun, fashionable, versatile, and fit for every shape. 

All our products are handmade and the fabrics hand-selected to provide you with unique, well-made clothing that will endure your day-to-day life and look beautiful on every woman. We don’t mass produce any one skirt so you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind skirt for a one-of-a-kind figure." Das Rock Haus

You can read my interview for Das Rock Haus about fashion & body image here (click):
An interview with AGNES KROWN

I'm wearing a yellow silky floaty wrap skirt, this colour makes me so happy. You know I love dramatic colour contrasts, especially black and yellow. The skirt's amazing quality makes me wonder why I'm still buying clothes from Zara and H&M, because I can get so much more with the same budget! Well, this piece is a great investment.

Skirt - Das Rock Haus (get it here!)
Transparent Couture Cleopatra sweater - Revolver Heart
Boots - Humanic

Photo: Robert Ribič

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Apart from other amazing Collistar products I'm also giving away 2 nail polishes and an illuminator from Collistar x Kartell new limited edition which came out recently. I was invited to their press conference and had a chance to test out all the new products, I'm in love with those lip liners #ineedthemnow!!!

Ajda Sitar, a blogger (www.ajdas.com) and Miss Sportswoman Slovenia 2009 about the collection:

"A liaison between two amazing Italian brands, Collistar and an icon of Italian-made design – Kartell, has brought out an amazing result, a beauty limited edition collection named Transparency. Kartell is credited for the wonderful transparent packaging (you can totally recognize their style and concept), while Collistar came up with some quite bold colour combinations."

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

I hope you liked this post and the previous one (Q&A Part 1), I must also thank you for unbelievable 2000 views on that post.

Xx, Agnes


  1. beautiful setting with the sunset behind you! really looks lovely with the outfit

    Check out my blog, been interviewing big bloggers! :)

  2. In love with the skirt!

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