14 March, 2015

7 Spring lip looks

Girl, if you like vampy lipsticks even in summer just rock it! I'm already in spring mood, feels so refreshing. I prepared a selection of 7 lip products I've been obsessing with lately. Some are very quirky, some are just basic lip colours that I like. I think all of you will find something for yourself. And almost all products mentioned are very affordable. :)

1. Makeup Revolution mat Salvation velvet lip laquer in shade Depravity (4.95€ on Licila.si - click!)

I think it's pretty obvious this lipgloss is my new favourite lip product. I'm wearing it all the time. Its liquid formula dries completely matte in a minute. It does chip off after time, but it's very easy to fix it buy reapplying it to the centre of your lips. It dries your lips but frankly, I don't care. It's too amazing not to buy it.

2. Makeup Revolution mat Salvation velvet lip laquer in shade Keep flying for you (4.95€ on Licila.si - click!)

Same collection, different shade. Amazing pigmentation, it's unbelievable. This gorgeous neon pinky orange is a great choice for pale girls. I think it looks amazing with subtle makeup.

3. Essence longlasting lip liner in shade 03 Yummy berry (around 1.9€)

Since Essence lip pencils are my favourite ones, I absolutely had to try new line of them- longlasing liners. It's pigmented, glides on easily, is very precise and is hydrating. So you can really use it instead of a lipstick. This bright purple will suit most of you. Can you rock it?

4. Sleek Matte me lipgloss in shade Fandage Purple (9.95€ on Licila.si, click!)

I saw you loved my selfie on Insta and FB with this lipgloss (click). I love it too! This matte gloss is a bit more liquid comparing to Makeup Revolution ones. It doesn't dry out your lips that much. But I find it harder to apply even because of the applicator. I would advise you to use a lip pencil before. Good news, it dries matte even with a creamy lip liner underneath!

5. Lancome Lip Lover lipgloss in shade 355 Framboise Etoile (around 30€)

From matte to super-shine glossy. I'm not a big fan of glossy lips to be honest. But I got this one as a gift so I had to try it out. I was a bit disappointed by its sheerness. The texture is amazing, feels very lightweight, non sticky, very creamy and luscious, though. In total = lovin' it!

6. Essence longlasting lip liner in 02 Sweetheart (around 1.90€)

It's a bit less pigmented than their basic lip pencils but still amazing, not mentioning the price. This cool toned pink will be an amazing spring alternative for the ones who are scarred of wearing bright pink.

7. Collistar Professional lip pencil in shade 19 (around 12€ in Muller, new product)

Best orange ever. I wanted to start wearing oranges so bad, but I always changed my mind when I saw some horrible circus makeup pictures combining it with flashy blue, red, green and other bright colours.. Personally, I think it looks the best with monochrome makeup. This liner is super pigmented, but also a bit drying, so make sure you apply lip balm underneath, or use it only to outline your lips. It's gorgeous, isn't it?

Thanks to Robert Ribič for the photos.

You were asking me on Facebook what makeup I was wearing on those photos, so I decided to write a list of them here, just click on the links and see where you can get them:

-Kryolan Ultra Underbase primer
-Parisax foundation
-Ben Nye Highlight wheel of concealers
-Kryolan shadows in RB32 and Oak used for contouring
-Paula's Choice Brow-Defining Cream Duo (reviewed soon + natural eyebrow guide)
-Kryolan eyeshadow in RB25
-Essence I <3 Extreme mascara
-Kryolan Translucent powder

I hope you liked this post and that I inspired you to try wearing bright shades this spring.
Which look is your favourite? Comment below! I'd love to have some feedback!

Xx, Agnes


  1. I want you to do my makeup! You are so talented!!!!

    1. Thanks dolly, next time i'm in Ldn! X

  2. Nujno moram sprobat tele lip linerje od Essence :)

  3. The coral colours were defo my favourite! <3


  4. They are all so pretty!!

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    1. Thanks :D Followed you back, love your blog! x