07 March, 2015

Q&A Part 1

Q: What's your favourite song this month?

Bring me the Horizon-Shadow Moses, I'm feeling energetic!

Q: How did you become 'famous'?

I got the majority of my followers via Ask.fm, but I closed it in autumn. I felt I needed to move on and dedicate more time to fashion, school and myself. I've always been different and that is why people notice and remember you. I regularly upload photos and update my social network accounts, I believe this was a crucial step to gain more recognition. I also collaborate with other bloggers, MUAs, photographers, designers,... It doesn't just come, one must work for it by engaging with people a lot.

Q: Where do you get bindis?

I buy them in a small Indian store on Trubarjeva, Ljubljana. As they're quite expensive I decided to order them on Ebay next time.

Q: where can I buy B.Polanec skull T-shirt that you have and where can I buy Quirky Me designs of that Spanish designer?

B.Polanec- http://www.bpolanec.com/

Quirky Me- http://www.quirky-me.com/en/

Q: I've just started doing my makeup and I have no experience at all. How can I start educating myself, what products should I buy, which Youtubers do you think I should watch?

I advise you to start watching Youtube and practice. You really need a lot of practice, so wake up a bit earlier and dedicate this time to do an amazing makeup. Try to experiment, test different products and techniques. Do not get into a routine! Makeup is very subjective, my essential makeup kit is probably very different from yours. But I would say you should buy a neutral eyeshadow palette, a basic brush kit, a taupe lipstick, a mascara, a pen eyeliner, a BB/CC creme, a brow pencil if needed. You can start with affordable makeup and invest into certain products later on. I really like Lisa Eldrige, Gossmakeupartist, Nikkietutorials, Pixiwoo and Joseph Harwood.

Q:. Your smile is really gorgeous! Did you have braces? Can you upload a picture with them?

Yes, I used to have braces. I had them for almost 4 years, but it paid off. (First steps towards becoming a makeup junkie. And thank you, puberty. <3)

Q: Do you recommend Gimnazija Bežigrad, the school that you go to?

I do. It's one of the hardest schools in Slovenia with the best results in matura exams. I'm very glad I picked it as I look back now. I used to be unhappy with it during the first years, I wasn't happy with my class. But the professors are mostly great, they really widen your general knowledge and prepare you for real life. In this school, known for its 'excellency, rich kids and snobbishness', I experienced a problem with my self confidence because everything and everyone seemed so amazing to me at first. A lot of people sadly undergo the basic school trends such as Uggs, Kors bags, Longchamp bags, white Converse etc. It was an amazing opportunity to find and prepare myself for the real world. I would't change this experience for nothing. As a student of the final year I can say it was a good decision even though I felt lonely and too stressed sometimes. I'm very grateful because I learnt how to manage it.

Q:. Where is the second hand shop you mentioned on your blog?

It's located on Resljeva 1, just at The Dragon bridge. It's called Textile house.

Q:. How tall are your parents?

My mum is 178cm (a few mm more than me haha) and my dad is 188cm. My brother is the tallest, he's 192cm. :) I love it!

Q: You're still vegan, right? What do you enjoy eating the most as a vegan? Do you eat more than before?

Sure I am, it isn't really a matter of trend. I love eating haha, I love sushi, Indian curry, Chinese, wok, Mediterranean soups and veggies and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. I really enjoy spicy food. I've been vegan for more than a year now and I'm in love with vegan food. I do eat a bit more, because foods are generally richer in water content. 
I was also asked to post some vegan recipes, they're coming!

Q: Is your hair damaged from bleaching? How frequently do you cut them?

Yes it is, horribly damaged. I only bleached it twice, first in April and secondly in September. I'm planning on making a big change of colour and hairstyle, I'll keep you posted. I'll be a hair model of one of the best Croatian hair stylists Agyness Frozen. I'm really excited. She'll dye my hair into something amazing, it's a secret for now. But I won't go back to natural brunette. I haven't cut them since last year. White hair is really hard to keep healthy. You also requested a hair routine post and I'll definitely do it soon. 

Q: What subjects do you have on matura? What are your study techniques?

I have 5 subjects: Slovene, Maths (higher level), English (Higher level) - basic subjects. I had to choose 2 by my own, I chose French and Economics. I have mostly visual type of memory. First, I make a time plan. It's crucial. I always read my notes and books about the subject I'm learning, then I make my own flashcards and short notes with keywords. I like everything to look good so I use lots of colours, underline and draw pictures around words. I never read out loud. I find it also very helpful to watch videos about the subject on Youtube, there are always some very useful ones. It helps me stay concentrated because I easily get bored and unmotivated. I don't study long hours, I'm lucky to learn quickly. I like listening to classical music or hard metal haha it makes me energized. I always drink tea or water. And I always have my gadgets nearby because I mostly study on my computer (I watch videos, read about the subject, ....) and combine it with classical methods.

Q: Post some pictures of you in early puberty!

I was around 10, I believe.

 I was 12 and I loved skater clothes.

 A bit more girly. Bad bad eyebrows, Agnes! At least not plucked.

Q: Regarding the fact that blogging is very time consuming, how do you manage your time with school, did your grades drop as you became a blogger?

I'm serious about my education, in school I want my grades to be excellent and I actually enjoy it in general. Blogging takes a lot of time but it'is also what relaxes me and keeps my creative mind active. High school is not enough artistic for me and I feel a need to express myself, that's also why I blog. I take it as an investment into my self-education and future business. The knowledge I got by blogging is priceless. My priority is of course still school but sometimes when I work on special projects I allow myself to relax a bit. My grades haven't dropped much, I'm still a very good student with 4 and 5s. I'm a hard worker and I cannot imagine not being dedicated to something. Before blogging, I used to be a very good violinist, I also competed internationally, that taught me how to be dedicated and disciplined.

Q: Who is your role model and who inspires you the most with their style/makeup?

I don't really have a role model, I'm inspired by certain qualities people have. However I deeply respect and admire the work of Anja Rubik (#freethenipple, erotic 25 Magazine), Joseph Harwood (androgynous makeup artist, Youtuber), Andreja Pejić (the first androgynous top model), Emma Watson (feminist, activist). I'm inspired by architecture, modern materials, 90s fashion and music era, drag queens, androgyny, modern art, aliens, dolls, Asian brides, Tokio Hotel,  Miley Cyrus, The Pretty Reckless, runway makeup, 80s disco era, various Instagrammers, Youtubers, my grand dad and a painter Jože Šajn. 

Q: How to conceal dark under eye circles?

I advise you to buy a pink/orange toned concealer (cancels out purple), you can get Kryolan refill concealers for only 5 EUR in Kabuki Makeup Place in Ljubljana.

Q: What's with your love life? What's your sexual orientation?

I'm single and fabulous. HAHA. I'm queer. :)

Q: How can you draw your eyebrows that they look so natural? I can hardly tell they're half shaved off. Do you glue on fake eyebrows or what do you do to achieve your eyebrow look?

Yes, I shave them off from my arch out. It took me a long time to understand my face and find that brow shape. I only use makeup (different brow products), it doesn't really matter which brand. I like to use two different shades of brown. I decided to start a Youtube channel and brow tutorial will be one of the first videos. :) #soon

Q: Do you still work as a model? Do you have any tips on how to become a model?

No, it's been quite a while since I quit. It was an amazing experience but I wish to work as a fashion brander/manager now. I think you should start modelling as late as you can. It can be a tough business for young, inexperienced and naive girls who only wish to do it because it's cool. If you're not naturally skinny enough do not try to lose weight because you won't even be able to maintain that figure for a long time. This can permanently affect your self confidence and health.

Q: Do you live with your parents?

Yes I do.

Q: How do people call you in real life?

My family and close friends call me Neža or Než which is my birth name, others call me Agnes. I prefer they call me Agnes if we're not close with each other.

Q: Have you ever been photographed in the street?

Yes I have, multiple times. Some girls (followers) even come and say hello and ask for a photo together. I'm always surprised that they really know who I am. I'm flattered. I always chit chat with them. :)

Q: Where do you want to study in Slovenia?

I chose FDV (Fakulteta za družbene vede), media and communication studies. But we will see. ;D

Q: Where do you buy jeans that are long enough?

I really like Topshop Tall jeans. But most of the brands have at least a few models that would fit me.

Q: Have you ever been bullied or made fun of?

Yes I have but nothing very serious. I've always been a tough girl. They were making fun of my childlike figure because I started evolving late.

Q: Do you notice unknown people looking at you on streets because they know you?

Sometimes, yes. Ljubljana is very small (200.000 inhabitants). But I also regularly wear some bold pieces so I'm not sure whether they're staring at my platforms, shiny skirts, drag queen inspired makeup, white hair or because they know me.

Q: When did you decide to be special? Did you go to makeup schools?

I've never decided, it just came. I've always known I'm a bit different, but it didn't show until I started wearing makeup and stuff. It all came naturally by buying one piece of special clothing at the time. I've been noticing a big change in my look since when I started my blog. I believe this was one of the best decisions so far because it allows me to be in track with fashion and makeup industry and to be actively involved with it. I only watched Youtube and learnt from MUA when I was having my makeup done for shootings/runways shows. The most important factor was enough practice.

Thank you so much for requesting these answers, part 2 is coming soon! I hope you found it interesting and that it entertained you.

Bests, Agnes

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  1. Woohoo! I loved reading this Agnes! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! You are my main blogging inspiration! If you ever find yourself here in the UK we HAVE to meet up!

    PS. Your English is fine!

    Love from Mollie xxxx