17 March, 2015

Dark Princess + Afrodita's Pearl Prestige

Last night I and 4 other beauty bloggers (Katja, Tanita, Simona and Ajda) attended a press event at the launch of Afrodita's new line of skincare called PEARL Prestige. They treated us like stars with champagne, live music and great food.

PEARL Prestige is an innovative line of 3 products: 2 moisturisers and one elixir, which contains real white pearls and peptides. They hydrate and nourish your skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, accelerates skin cells renewal and prove the ultimate protection from early ageing. Therefore, it's appropriate for all ages. The products retail from 30 to 40€, which is a reasonable price for such generous size.


You can buy it in DM, Mueller, Tuš, Nama, Maxi or online: webshop.afroditacosmetics.com 

Here I have a quick outfit post for you. It's very practical to just throw on when in hurry. And no, I won't stay away from that purple lipgloss. :)

Dress: thrifted
Necklace: Zara
Lipstick: see my last post HERE
Platforms: YRU

Photo: Robert Ribič

Bests till next time!

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