04 February, 2015

It all matters

Hi cats! Here I am with a new outfit post! I'm even busier than before studying all days and preparing myself for an English certificate. I'm really nervous. But #shecandothat.

Today when I was going home from a chit chat in Optika Smole (check out my selfie in their Dior sunnies) I experienced a funny thing. I was walking to the nearest bus stop when I saw a girl taking pictures of me. "Okay. Keep calm, she's probably just doing selfies." As I got closer she stopped me and asked me if that's really me, Agnes. She was extremely nervous when she asked me to take a picture with her saying she's a huge fan of mine and that she's following me on all social media and it that meant the world to her to see me in real. I has so surprised I couldn't even speak. I must have given her one of those 'what's just happening' looks while taking that photo. She could't stop staring at me and thanking for that photo we took together. I hope I somehow made her day or whatever. :D

I realise that what's on the internet actually isn't just on the internet. So when it comes to meeting someone I know online I get a strange feeling. Of course I'm more than blown away by how much a second of my attention means to someone but at the same time I don't seem to understand why and how. I wish everyone would find their own thing they're amazing at and concentrate more on building and developing themselves rather then worshipping public figures like models or bloggers. It's time consuming.

Having a strong base of teenage readers which I certainly like and am proud of, I notice I'm quite influential. I hope that didn't sound vain. What I also notice is that an influence of fashion bloggers is becoming bigger and bigger. In the world suffering from a lack of genuine relations, attention from family members and their friends the communication between fashion bloggers and their followers became crucial. The more I think about it the more I wish to know about it. Fashion bloggers became the ones who raise teenagers and who they look up to.

Realising all that I feel responsible to be my best, to be kind, loving, hard-working, optimistic, conscious, generous, sincere. To share my knowledge, to inspire with new ideas, to encourage to think outside the box, to be genuine and tolerant. Fashion is a way of connecting people, not only in fashion related subjects.

Many people don't realise that but all of us have certain impact on others. Let this be a depressed photo of a tiny girl saying she's fat that you reblogged on Tumblr or a status about  how Katy Perry was looking at Super Bowl 2015. IT ALL MATTERS.

I'm wearing an artistic dress painted by Jože Šajn. I feel very honoured to be his grand daughter, he's my inspiration.

Dress: Jože Šajn
Top: Front row shop
Skirt: Zara
Platforms: YRU
Jacket: Topshop
Earrings: Claire's

Photo: Robert Ribič

All the makeup used is by Parisax! Shop it here: Parisax.si
 I'm sharing a 10 % discount code with you: POPUST

I wish you a happy and successful week.
Much love
Xx, Agnes

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