09 February, 2015

Get rid of blackheads with Missha

I was suuuuuper excited to try out this product. We finally have our Slovenian online shop for Missha. I first tried some testers when I was in Korea and dreamed of having more products since then. If you don't know Missha: It's a Korean beauty brand especially known for the best BB creams in market, users say. I got a chance to test this oil gel.

Super Aqua pore care line helps to treat various skin troubles like excessive sebum, impurities, dead skin cells, blackheads/whiteheads, and large pores. So the Clear Oil is a cleanser – this is supposed to have salt particles to remove blackheads and clean deep into the skin. It contains grape seed oil and green tea oil for oil control and lemon oil to prevent blackheads from appearing. The soft silicon brush helps to open pores that are clogged with dead skin cells and blackheads/whiteheads, to create clean and smooth skin.

You should use it after cleansing. I strongly recommend you to use it after shower because your pores will open. 

Overall, I think that this product works good. After using it for a month once a day I noticed a rather small change in amount of blackheads. But they are smaller, many even disappeared completely but most of all, my skin got even. I used it on my nose and around it, on my chin, forehead, around my mouth. Since I have big issues with dry skin in wintertime I must point out that this product did solve this problem, I was really surprised. My skin got much more even, tight and hydrated. It also cleared out any makeup I didn't remove well. I really like the feel of completely clear skin it gives me. 

Buy it here: www.missha.si

*I wasn't payed for this review, it's my honest opinion.*

Stay tuned for a kewl ootn/motn post wit Katja from Viva la Vida because we're attending VIP Angeli runway show on Thursday.

 Xx, Agnes

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