13 February, 2015

Fashion show: OOTN & MOTN

As you could see on my Insta and Facebook we with Katja (a blogger from Viva la Vida blog) attended a fashion show called VIP Angeli on Thursday. I had promised you before the show to post some photos of our outfits and makeup so here they are!

What I really like about Katja is that she is as crazy as I am. She doesn't mind wearing unusual clothes, accessories and makeup. We're quite similar but each original.

To be honest, I'm not such a fan of classic red, it bores me. I like unpredictable colour combinations. But that day I just felt I must be wearing something cuter and girlier. Maybe it's that Collistar Gloss Design gloss in shade 19 that encouraged me to wear more red. By the way, you can get it in Muller for around 18 EUR I believe. It's TOTALLY  worth it. It's so thick and pigmented it doesn't need a lip pencil beneath. It's non sticky and smells creamy. I LOVE IT!
I'm planning on buying some more Gloss Design shades soon. #obsession
Which shades would you pick?

List of products we used for the makeup:
Parisax green base (bought in Parisax web store)
Kryolan Dermacolor concealers (bought in Kabuki)
Ben Nye Matte HD foundation (bought in Kabuki)
Kryolan shadows for contouring (bought in Kabuki)
Everyday Minerals for eyebrows (bought on Ecco Verde)
Lancome black khol pencil
Parisax shimmery black eyeshadow (bought in Parisax web store)
Urban Decay Naked basics
Lancome Hypnose mascara
Collistar Shock eyeliner pen (bought in Muller)
Collistar Gloss Design no.19 (bought in Muller)
Kryolan translucent powder (bought in Kabuki)

Little makeup selfies.

Paparazzi, watch out!

 Krown ended up wearing a huge flower crown. And a transparent cardigan thingy, a basic tank top, a royal blue velvet skirt plus a pair of favourite platforms. You can read what Katja wore on her blog!

Floral crown - DIY
Top - Zara
Cardigan - thrifted
skirt - thrifted
Platforms - YRU
Backpack - Jan BrovĨ (you'll hear more about him soon!)

Take care and stay tuned,
Agnes Xx

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