24 January, 2015

NUDE LIPS evolution & my tips

Lately I've been obsessing over soft lips, my signature dark lip went on holidays haha. I got a looooot of questions and comments on my photos concerning what products I use to make the lips look so much bigger and luscious, how the hell do I achieve my 'nude lip' look?! It's a struggle for many ladies to find that perfect nude lip shade. And with this guide you'll be able to conquer the world! X

Since my lip goals are cool toned full lips of certain wanted shape, these are the guidelines I follow:

  • I use at least 2 different shades- one taupe/brown and one nude. I usually outline my lips with a lip pencil and then fill them in with a lipstick slightly lighter than my lips. That's how they'll look bigger. I always use cool undertones, I prefer that.
  • How to make lips look even and full: bright makes it stand out and dark hides it. In clothes, makeup, whatever. So if you for example have much fuller lower lip you certainly want to even them out and follow this process: use darker shade on your lower lip, don't overdraw it, blend it inside so it's nice and ombre, you can overdraw your thinner upper lip by using a bit of darker shade, not blending much and applying the lighter shade all over it. But don't exaggerate too excessively. either outline the centre of your lips or lengthen and fill them in outer corners. Use your imagination to achieve wanted look. Personally, I like them to be fishy most of the time 
I'll now show you some of my photos for past makeup attempts and comment on what I did good or not and how I improved it.

You see, lipstick can totally ruin your whole look. :( But that's how we learn.
My lips aren't full at all, bottom lip is much bigger and that's why I need to 'contour' them by using different shades. Major mistake here wasn't actually shading them (although they could look much more 3D) but I didn't line them right. The shape is completely unflattering and looks weird on my facial features.
Correct: I would draw sharper and straighter lines as shown on the right photo. I could also sumply apply concealer to clean the lines. I would also line the upper lip over my natural line which would make it look bigger and would lift my face up. That way it looks chubby.

There's a picture of completely nude natural lips on the left and a picture of how I would paint them on the right. With no makeup on they seem asymmetrical, make my face look much chubbier and the area around the corners look inflamed and big. It also pulls my face downwards, I wish to lift all the features up.
Correct: As I said it before I would just slightly outline the upper lip, lining the lower one and filling them with a lighter lipstick.

Here are two examples of very soft nude lips. No dramatic contrasts. I didn't use any lipstick, I just blended slightly darker lip liner inwards.

On this picture I didn't overdraw the lips so much but I extended the outer corners as you can tell. The lips look less plump, more serious, I look older. But I like it.

Are finally, that's how my signature nude lips look like. Big contrast between taupe/brown liner and very light center. They look much more polished than they used to be before. I don't mind them looking fake and overdone, I actually aim for plastic looking lips most of the time.

And because I wanted to show you that it isn't useless technique that works only on my lips I'm showing you another pictures of my makeup on models a.k.a. girlfriends:

As I wrote about 'correcting' my face I actually meant achieving certain look I go for. I There's nothing wrong with bare face. I love dreesing up and making up my face to look like someone else's, I become a character. It's artistic, I don't do that because I don't feel good with no makeup on. I would go to school bare faced sometimes. I noticed many girls feel a need to cover their face and that in my opinion is sad. Embrace your natural selves too!

And you've probably been wondering which products I use and recommend, right?
*I wasn't paid to feature or promote these products!! It's only posted to help and share my tricks with you.

I believe that lip liners are crucial in ever makeup user's collection. They're long lasting, pigmented, mostly matt which I prefer and they're so easy to apply wherever you are.
I mostly use different shades of brown, taupe, berry, nude. They're always cool toned. I like that because they emphasize my desired cool complexion and hair.
I think there is no need to buy the most expensive liners. There are some very good cheaper options available and I'm a huge fan of Essence as you may know by following me on Instagram/Facebook. Here are some options I would use in weekly regularly:

1. Parisax - Terre de Sienne: A little less pigmented but gorgeous pastel brown shade and it's soft
2. Catrice - Hey Macadamia, Ahey!: Quite dark, tends to be drying if not using a lipstick
3. Essence - In the nude: Fave lip liner to highlight centre of lips, never use this alone, also creamy
4. Essence - Soft berry: HOLY GRAILY, my fave makeup product, honestly, wearing it 24/7, used on most pictures above
5. Kardashian beauty - Au naturel (Kim): Quite thick and heavy but super long lasting

I use lipsticks all over my lips after lining them with a lip liner. Lipstick connects the shades easier and lipsticks themselves are more moisturising (especially in winter!) than liners. Lip liners are a staple. I could easily only use Soft berry every day, but lipsticks conclude the look you want to achieve and add the exciting factor. Either soft or more dramatic. You can wear it matt, pearly, shimmery or satin. I've always been a huge matt girl but since I bought one of the Catrice lipsticks on sales from below which is shimmery, I gave up- I LOVE SHIMMER TO! And don't forget to blend liner in before applying a lipstick, that way it looks less harsh. But do as you like. Whether you like completely white lips, only a lip liner, classic nude lips or whatever. It's your style and your face.

1. Catrice - Chestnut tree: very much like Soft berry lip liner
2. Catrice - Toffee to go: greyish nude, amazing when used together with brown liner
3. Catrice - Good Nudes!: shimmery lipstick which makes lips appear bigger and 3D
4. Catrice - Hey Nude: my most used nude lippe, very bright shade, creamy pastel pink

I also wanted to include two of my Parisax nude lipsticks that I showed you in one of my posts before: http://agneskrown.blogspot.com/2015/01/amsterdam-ootd-motd.html

Comparing them to Catrice lipsticks from above I can say that Parisax ones are much more long lasting, the finish is more foil-like and they're more pigmented. The main reason I keep buying Catrice ones is because they're very affordable and I still can get expected quality for my money. Parisax lipsticks are a big more expensive, around 12E, but they're worth it. The lipsticks I love the most are by Illamasqua, they cost around 24E and at the time I wouldn't buy all of them, just some very specific shades. Although they have some amazing nude shades, maybe you can check them out too. And don't forget to give Essence lipsticks a try, the new limited collection called Nude has recently launched and there are some gorgeous nudes I need to buy as well.

So, for every day use I would totally buy again all Essence lip liners, Parisax and Catrice lipsticks and one or two high end lipsticks such as MAC, Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown.

I really hope you found some of my tips useful and will help you to achieve perfect nude lips look for you. I'd be more than happy to see your results so tag it on Instagram with #agneskrownblog and I may feature you on my Instagram page!

Good luck, lots of positive vibes and much love,
xx Agnes

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