03 January, 2015

Happy fox

I'm back all fresh and healthy thanks to audio meditations on Youtube. My Chakras are now balanced. Namaste. My NYE was pretty amazing, really, being alone at home sick- buuuut- watching cool films (I loved that Jeune et jolie film) and munching on vegan pizza with looots of fresh veggies. Loved it. Super easy recipe by the way- dough, mozzareisella, tomatoes, rocket salad and peppers. Haha I'm a terrible cook even though I'm trying hard. Sadly, I couldn't party as I wanted to but everything happens for a reason (that I'm still figuring out).

I had plenty of time to analyse my current life, which I also did. I came to following conclusions:

- Never mistreat your friends. Sometimes you have to cut those inner voices who are telling you "I'm too tired to meet them" and just do it and show some affection. Because it's rare and important that someone truly cares about you. It may be too late when it's the right time for you only.

- Fake lashes are pretty darn amazing and it's time I started wearing them. Luckily there isn't such school rule as not being too glam and sassy. I bought a pair of natural and thin ones and I hate them, immediately jumped to a pair of dramatic ones. #gobigorgohome

- Don't always agree with your parents. You've been born as a whole person, not just as a silent voice or a battery car under command of them and your life should be better than your parents'. Darwin and evolution. Remember, it takes courage and brain to be revolutionary. Mum, I know you know I must be a bit rebellious. I love you.

- Waking up into 2015 was a shock. What, I'll soon turn 19?! It's scary how quick time passes. I used to be terrified of ageing. Especially in this era celebrating youth and beauty, because we mostly forget about the truth of what beauty really is. It's interesting how each year my life gets even better but at the same time I used to fear getting older so much. Taking responsibility? Well, now I decided to love it. Because I cannot wait being 50 and fabulous as Samantha from SATC, as wise as my mother and as happy as I can decide to be.
"Waiter, I'll have Life and a big spoon, please."

- I'm going to post more fashion related articles about the news in fashion and beauty world. More educational material, more pure fashion.

And how was your holiday?

Here's my new outfit. I went to Ikona and picked some gorgeous pieces. I'm wearing Imperial dark golden bronze-ish bodycon dress, a pair of black leggings, an extra warm faux fur vest, a basic and pretty backpack and a pair of snowy white boots with golden laces.
Dress: Imperial from IKONA Ljubljana
Vest: Bloodless furs from IKONA Ljubljana
Backpack: Imperial from IKONA Ljubljana
Leggings: Calzedonia
Boots: Second hand

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