31 December, 2014

Shiseido & Collistar

Christmas makeup gifts from Everet Slovenija rock! I'm so thrilled and thankful. I got to try out these high end products, I couldn't wait to take the photos and start testing them out!

Today's the last day of 2014 and I'm writing this post covered in 3 blankets, sipping boiling hot tea, with a fever and hoping this sickness ends soon. All my plans for crazy new years just collapsed and I'm stuck home sick. Nevertheless I'm planning on rolling some sushi or pizza, will see if I'll have any appetite. But it's a great opportunity to think more about very important things coming because I'm not running around like usual. My Instagram suffers from lack of daily makeup looks, I'm sorry guys, but momma is planning on getting back soon! Maybe even tomorrow!

Left: Shiseido Luminizing satin eye color trio, Front: Shiseido Shimmering cream eye color, Back: Collistar 3D bronzing powder

It's truly satin. Great colour and blended easily, you can also easily build it up from lighter blue to deep sky blue. It's not super heavy pigmented which I prefer, because it's so easy to work with. I have many cream eyeshadwos like Maybelline Color Tattoo and S-he creams but none of them work as good because they blend much harder. It has super fine shimmer in it. I find it perfect to apply as an eyeshadow base because of its creamy consistency. It amazed me like most of the people, who posted reviews on it online. I honestly can't say a bad thing about it because it's an amazing basic product each of us, makeup lovers, should possess. A bit pricey (around 30 Euros) but it's an investment. Better one of those than a ton of cheap crappy ones. Most of the shades seem boring and too classic but one you apply them on your lids they show their potential.

Absolutely loving that mirror and neat design. The product is not as orangey as on the picture, it's more bronze and rich. I'm still struggling to catch the right colours haha :) Well, it's my very first shimmery bronzer, I only have matt ones. It's lighter, you'll have to load quite some product if you wanna look bronzed like Beyonce. But it's very nice as a transition colour from contour to highlight because it has that subtle shine and shimmer. They retail for around 30 Euros.

My first impression: Wow, I love this mirror and two applicators. The packaging justifies the price, but it's not the palette's only perk. The name is very accurate, those three shadows are not shimmery but pearly, with a healthy glowy and very lightweight finish. Slightly washed out, not so intense shades. I wouldn't wear them alone with no other shadows because they are very light and even the darkest shade doesn't quite shade my crease. But that's why they are amazing as highlighters on top of your lid (I use them in center of lids for some extra light when I use darker shadows liek smokey eye look), on brow bones (love it!) and even as a regular cheekbone highlighter. They blend like a dream. They retail for around 40 Euros.

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I wish you all a new year full of experience, joy, humble, no regrets, passion, love, gratitude, success and freedom.

*Disclaimer: I wasn't payed or sponsored to write anything of the above, I received it for testing purposes.

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