03 June, 2014

Wearable art of Jože Šajn

It's a privilege to wear a piece of art. I'm lucky to have a grandpa who is a well known painter. Jože Šajn has had more than 100 solo exhibitions in many countries and his paintings are in private collections all over the world. He also published 2 books; his monography and Moj Kras (My karst) which you can read HERE.
You can visit the atelier and gallery of Jože Šajn in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia.

As you probably saw on social media (Facebook page or Instagram) I recently dyed my hair grey. Will be on my blog soon!

Dress: Jože Šajn art
Jacket: Zara man
Shoes: Brooks

Photo: Robert Ribič
X, Nez

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