01 June, 2014

Inexpensive and stylish

''What?! You're wearing cheap clothes? I only wear high quality clothes.''
1. Wrong. Price doesn't always equal quality. Many well known brands that you probably trust such as H&M, Lacoste, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger Jack & Jones and Lanvin have also been judged sub-standard for using dyes that cause skin allergies.
2. High quality but still inexpensive clothes are so hard to find? Vintage shops, baby! Shop in thrift shops, vintage shops, swap clothes with friends, ask your granny to give you some of her cool pieces from 70s!

With a little bit of creativity you can have a whole outfit almost for free. Give it a shot. Dare to shop where you want! 

Top: Swapped with my friend
Pants: Vintage
Shoes: YRU

Photo: Robert Ribič

X, N

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