15 December, 2013


I decided to 'renovate' my blog. Since I'm a huge art lover and a lucky granddaughter of an amazing artist Joze Sajn, I decided to take it to another level.
I've always admired his creations. The paintings inspire me. So, I connected my world, my fashion Wonderland with his world of paintings.
I'll post about fashion and beauty like before, but all the posts will be inspired by one of Sajn's paintings.

This time I picked this one:

I was inspired by this painting. Old bags and hungry mouths represent the hungry nation, everybody is craving more. Everyone wants a new bag, new pair of trousers, new blouse and of course (what is the most important) a new iPhone to be as cool as your friends.

I don't agree. Rocking it in my mums old boots, faux leather pants which I swapped with a friend, a sweater made by my nanny and in my mum's coat from the time she was in highschool!
They bring a special energy and of course a good feeling, when your friend asks you where you bought this gorgeous coat and you tell her 'Well it's 30 years old and I still know how to work it in 2013'.

So ladies (and gentlemen), READY SET GO, run to your grannies and discover all the unused old clothes that you can wear!

Have a nice lazy sunday,


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