22 December, 2013

Less is more, back to basics

Joze Sajn tried to represent an elegant young lady. Her energy comes from inner self, because she's confident. She's happy and beautiful. The simplicity and minimalism of the painting were the inspiration for my makeup and outfit.

Back to basics.
It's Christmas time, finally. I cannot wait for the Christmas lunch, whole family gathered together, Christmas songs, and the spirit when opening the presents. I'd like to wish each of you, my lovely readers, to enjoy it as much as possible! It's not about presents themselves, it's about the spirit! You know, money can't buy the happiness.

Think about creating the Christmas-time magic. When preparing the presents include a piece of you in it, be original. It's so nice, when someone tries really hard and thinks about you, rather than giving you a voucher or even some money.
December is a beautiful month if you see through the cloud of materialism.
All you need is love. It's a basic human need.

Marry Christmas!


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