28 June, 2013

What's in my bag?

I take:
  • a pair of sunglasses (Zara)
  • mobile phone and headphones
  • keys
  • a sketchbook for quick sketches, you never know when you'll be inspired!
  • pencils and a rubber
  • a waterproof mascara (currently testing a cheap one from Essence until I find one worth more money because I never wear waterproof mascara)
  • hair brush
  • nail polish (coral by Rimmel)
  • lipbalm (Carmex)
  • lipstick; I know I don't need any but I alwayssss have at least one lipstick with me (Kate Moss edition by Rimmel)
  • hair protection spray (Balea)
  • parfume (Bulgari Omnia Crystalline)
  • nude make up palette (17)
  • a bottle of water; It's very important to stay well hydrated especially in the summer (Flaska)
  • good sunscreen (i have to buy a new one)
  • book (Skinny bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin; every girl should read it!!!) 

This summer is dedicated to:
reading good and educational books, relaxing from stress, running and swimming, spending time with the ones I love, spiritual growth and reaching model measurements!

Go go go!

And yes of course, to have FUN!


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