19 June, 2013

Feeling blue

First of all, MASSIVE thanks for reading my blog, I got over 1000 views on my last posts!

Today, I have some pictures for you. They're inspired by amazing architecture and again, lines!
You know, I'm a bit of obsessed with clean lines and some messy/trashy pieces for a contrast :)

I wore:
H&M top
ZARA cardigan
ICEBERG shorts (I cut, ripped and studded them myself, originally they were long boring too short pants; I'll make a DIY post soon!)
ZARA wedge trainers

Photo: Teya Teyson

And no, I'm not feeling blue, I've been quite happy and enthusiastic about the fact I finished for this year at school and because It's finally hot and sunny outside (yeah, the weather in Slovenia in may was horrible!). Now I have time for my friends, my passion= la mode and to get some sleep!

New post is coming really soon! It's going to be all about a certain vintage shop I visited recently and which I love to pieces!

Next week I'm finally going to the seaside, I'll also write a post about my beach picks and what I'll pack with myself for it.

Favorite song of this week: Sail - Awolnation
Favorite make up product of this week: Bulgari Omnia Crystalline parfume
Other favorites of this week: Clipper tea, bubble tea, new episode of PLL

With love,

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