10 October, 2015

Inspiration book project

Dear friends,

It's been a long time since I posted the last post. I have no excuse this time. My life is finally going how I want. I decided to write this post to update you on important things and to show you my new work. It's gonna be a long one so make sure you sit comfortable and in peace. I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

First, about how it is in Amsterdam:

I love it. I'm very happy here. I have a beautiful small apartment and it seems I'm actually not such a bad housewife I thought I would be. I really enjoy waking up and  going to food markets (have you seen my grocery shopping pics on Instagram? I'm made of bananas yeah.), I cycle like crazy cause metro is just too expensive to be taking every day and who doesn't wanna have a nice ass! I love the trees in front of my place. I love the feel of the city, I feel free. The people are amazing, I feel accepted and loved. Maybe it's because I'm mirroring this, maybe it's because the difference with Ljubljana is truly obvious.

Don't think it's a fairy tale and Slovenia is shit cause it's not. I can write a novel why Ljubljana is also amazing and why I miss it a bit. Well, I miss organic veggies from my grandparents' garden, here it's much more expensive and lower quality. I miss the weather even though it's been very sunny for last weeks in Amsterdam too. When it rains it's hell for us spoilt asses. :) I miss little things such as having a shop under our flat in Ljubljana, I miss running on Golovec and being in nature. The older I'm getting the more I need time in nature. I miss my friends, family and my girlfriend. It's not so easy sometimes cause I only have myself but it's an amazing opportunity to grow and live my dreams.

 The campus I live in.

My bike.

 My flat. Cannot overlook the bag and the jacket by Jan Brovč. :D

 The view.

The view from my school.

 My friend Janka.

 Mornings waiting for metro.

My lifestyle:

One of the advantages of living by yourself is that you decide what you eat and how you spend your money. As a vegan foodie it's heavenly to only have vegan food at home not having to share the kitchen with omnivores. I'm eating high carb vegan, mostly raw till 4pm. Meaning raw breakfast and raw lunch plus cooked dinner. I do what I feel like each day, there's no rule. I just try to avoid processed food high in fat, sodium and artificial crap. I mostly eat fresh fruits and veggies but a loooooot of them. Usually I consume cca 2000-2500 cal per day. I quit counting them long time ago. I only pay attention to how I'm feeling. I try to be nice to my body, to nourish it with good, to eat with love, to dedicate my time and energy into sustainable way of life. Fast diets are so last season.
I subscribed to a uni gym. I go to body pump class usually 3 times a week. It's 1h of group workout on music with barbell and dumbbells. It's quite hardcore. I'm loving it, it gets me energised, flushes my body with happy hormones, helps my body to completely relax from daily stress and helps me build muscle. My views on body ideals have changed so much. I could write a complete separate post about it. Maybe I will in future. I'm just focused to do good to my emotional, energetic and spiritual body.

The school:

I love it, I'm very happy about the  decision I made. The first semester is a foundation for fashion meaning the designer, manager and brander classes are mixed and we do same projects. After January we specialise, I chose branding.
My new uni friends are super awesome, around a half of them are Dutch, the others are international.
One of the first things you'll notice is the way they dress. Very few of Amfi students are crazy fashion animals on the outside, probably cause we're studying at the end. But I also believe they have different values. I really can tell the difference from Slovenian high school people - here no one cares much about brands they wear, how rich they look, how fashionable they are (actually they know that the trends are for 'followers' and we're studying to rather become the trend setters), they prefer comfortable clothes due to Amsterdam's busy lifestyle (you cannot bike in stilettos), a lot of them pay attention to how sustainable their clothing is.

Our first project was so called Inspiration book. We had 6 weeks to search for inspiring pictures, materials, movies, videos, music, books, magazines, people, styles, events, ... anything basically, but it had to be related to fashion. Not in an obvious way. We were forbidden to open Vogue, especially Vogue US. We had to dive deeper. To search broad. The thing our teachers kept saying all the time was we had to keep in head we are fashion professionals and that means we cannot be inspired by mainstream popular fashion, that's already rusty. We had to go to the edge, explore where the inspiration starts. At the extravagant, innovative, odd. We had open hands to approach the project how we wanted. We had 'inspirational lectures' to help us get inspired but in the end it was up to us. It was a very personal project, still boxed with AMFI's expectations. We got a manual which helped us to stay on the right way.
What we had to do was a work book showing our whole research (min 150 photos, min 25% our own, mostly offline + 25 texts) and an inspiration book which is a finished product (50 photos, 15 texts, captions explaining everything inside, introduction for the book and for the chapters, self evaluation, source list).

I'm very happy with the result and with the grade I got. I ended up as one of the best students.

The chapter about texts, didn't take pictures of them cause there are too many.

The assessment form. :)

That's it! I hope you liked the post. I'm also thinking about starting Youtube, I'll probably film some videos in next two weeks. Be patient! :) I hope this post will help future AMFI students too!

You can follow my life on Snapchat (agneskrown), Instagram (agneskrown), Facebook (Agnes Krown).

Lots of love, Xx


  1. uf. noro dobr! Komi čakam da napišeš knjigo!!! tole je blo res eno boljših branj u zadnjem času. in da sm se dejansko spravla prebrat neki od začetka do konca. ful dobr res!

  2. this post is so inspiring, i love your inspiration book and it seems to me like you're living your dreams! xx

  3. Wow, res navdihujoče in edgy, keep up the good work!

  4. Can you do a hometour? :)