30 March, 2015


I've been dreaming of a hair transformation for a while. I really liked my dark roots though. Long hair simply did't match my personality. I want to be sharp, fierce, unique and chameleon-y. Because of bleaching them at home 2 times (Cheap solutions - not always the best idea, you reckless Agnes!) my hair was severely broken so I decided to go for a big change.

My dear friend and a singer Raiven (go to her page) has been a regular customer at Viki's place for some time and since her hair is gorgeous and a true statement I noticed they can do exactly what I like- bright colours, crazy cuts, one of a kind looks. After searching for THE hair salon in Ljubljana that will 1) repair my hair and 2) cut them fiercely and 3) dye them to a crazy monochrome shade the best option was to trust Viki's place. Viki, the owner kindly welcomed me herself and pampered me with coffees. The salon treats a customer like god, you truly feel special which I appreciate very much.

Sabrina, the hairdresser took care for my poor hair extremely well. I really wanted to have V bangs and have it dyed it monochrome. Grey hair is an amazing choice for makeup experiments. Everything matches nicely. And it's my signature feature. It wasn't that easy to create an iconic haircut, Sabrina did an amazing job. I'm so thankful!

First she cut my split and damaged ends for around 20 cm. Bob was a great choice!

Then she bleached my roots with a special formula containing 6% peroxide which doesn't damage hair. But only roots. It was enough to bleach them to a yellow tone because we continued dying them with dark dyes.

She washed my hair using Moroccan oil products, which they also sell (great to know, right?).

Once it was wet she cut my bangs. We decided to go for something as sharp as I am, V cut! It emphasizes my looong and bold eyebrows and puts everything together nicely.

She dyed my roots using Matrix professional permanent grey hair dye and my ends using a semi permanent lighter grey for the ends. It's quite dark, yay. It will wash out a little, though.

After second washing she applied Morrocan oil hair mask and did a special treatment with a machine called Micro Mist.

"The new revolutionary Micro Mist repairs and rejuvenates your hair, giving strength, suppleness and a longer lasting shine. The Micro Mist, as its name suggests, uses mist (not steam) generated by ultrasound to process the treatment. This works in two ways: firstly, the particles of mist are much smaller and lighter than those of steam and therefore they can penetrate the cuticle of the hair to a greater depth. This means the Micro Mist pushes the product deeper into the hair where it is needed."

Then she blow dried it, I wanted them to be a little messy. :)

...bangs correction.


I'm extremely happy with the result. I cannot emphasize enough how much more healthy my hair is now. Like new! It's different, I look a bit like a space ship astronaut, don't I?

This week an amazing package waited for me at the door. It's from EOS Adria! I got 2 lip balms and a hand lotion (didn't even know they offered any).

I chose:
Lip Balb Blueberry Acai - blue egg (buy here)
It smells so good. It's not that thick and nourishing, just perfect for spring.

Lip Balm lemon drop SPF 15 - yellow egg (buy here)
Finally I got a lip balm containing SPF factor. All their balms also taste sweet, which is very pleasant.

Hand lotion Fresh flowers - blue oval thingy (buy here)
Yes, it does absorb really quickly and I love the design.

By the way, EOS Adria ships to Slovenia in a few days, I got my order within 3 days!!!


Hard rock cafe T-shirt (I stole it from my brother <3)
Thrifted net cardigan from East end thrift shop London
Calzedonia leggings
Monki glitter socks from Amsterdam
H&M sandals
No name jacket (from my bro again)
Vintage YSL bag

Photo: Robert Ribič

Special thanks to Viki and Sabina from Viki's place.
INSTAGRAM: @vikisplace

I hope you like it! What do you think? Leave comments below, I'm curious!
Xx, Agnes


  1. Noro ti paše! Pa čestitke za pogum za tako veliko spremembo! ;)
    xoxo, Nyx

  2. Nekako te nisem vajena temne, izgledas drugace. Mislim, da ti cisto spremeni obraz. Ne jemlji tega kot kritike, vsec mi je tvoj novi look samo "privaditi" se ga moram (blond je meni osebno namrec najlepsa barva).
    Now you are ready to conquer the world!

  3. super frizurca, pase ti, pa odlicna izbira barv :) kar mi edino ni vsec je prehod med eno in drugo barvo.. sicer pa je vazno da je tebi vsec, bravo za pogum za tasno spremembo ! :)

  4. Nora frizura! Pase zelo! Me pa zanima zakaj ti je blanzirala narastek ce ti ga je pol itak v temno pobarvala? (ne dvomim v njene sposobnosti, dejansko me zanima zakaj je to dobro)

  5. I love, love, love! I have already said it on your Inta ;)
    But I'am surprising, because 2 years ago, I wantend change the color of my hair in grey and everybody said that It was not possible!
    You prouve that it is!

  6. Wauuu ta sprememba ti res zelo paše :)

  7. agnes mene pa samo zanima, v katerih vintage trgovinah kupuješ?

  8. Pogresam tvojo blond barvo ampak tale ti pa neizmerno dobro pase!

  9. Agnes, NORO dobro ti paše tale barva!
    Js se te kr ne morem nagledat. Na Snapchatu se vidi tista prava barva in kako vse lepo izgleda. Ne morem verjet kako dobro ti paše, tako tebi kot tvoji osebnosti. Mislim, da je malo ljudi takih, ki bi jim tale barva pristaja.
    p.s. na promu si bila božanska!!!

    upam, da te kdaj srečam in da se slikam s tabo bc idol :P

  10. Zakaj si se odlocila pobriti pol obrvi? Ali nebi mogla doseci taksnega izgleda, ce jih nebi pobrila?