29 March, 2015

Professional criticizer?

I've been noticing people associate 'being professional' with a lack of kindness and over criticizing. One cannot avoid criticism and it's not even good to try do so. To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. I agree, but at some point it gets out of control and becomes an opportunity and a reason to let inner problems out. We all know some people who cannot stop criticising. It's tiring and not always necessary.

Being professional is certainly not having a sharp tongue that makes people scared. Being professional doesn't mean you should throw everything out of you to show off some kind of intellect. Yes, constructive criticism rocks. It's hard for our ego, poor baby, right? When you push that aside and take it for good you can experience a true enlightening. I believe in positive energy and that we all should strive for making people feel good. You know it's not being a bitch what makes you powerful, professional, successful and satisfied at the end. Criticism defines who you are.

Pants: vintage
Sweater: made by my granny
Boots: second hand

Photo: Robert Ribič

Babies, I'm cutting my hair tomorrow morning. Stay tuned cause I'll treat you with some backstage photos on Snapchat (agneskrown), Instagram (agneskrown) and on Facebook (Agnes Krown blog).

Wishing you a successful and pleasant week plus a lot of good vibes.
Xx, Agnes

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  1. Hey. I was just wondering (i really do respect your choice - not shaving arm pit hair) . but I do not understand why you shave your legs (I read once that you wrote: I like them shiny.) Isn't that a little bit ironic?