21 December, 2014

Space creature

So happy I'm done with school assignments and tests for this year. Lately I've been much more time efficient thanks to amazing courses on Študentska Arena I attended in October.
I don't believe in new year resolutions, I like to get things done, change what I dislike and make plans day by day. I've been thinking about how this year of 2014 was for me, what has changed, what I have learnt, who came into my life and who left and what were the highlights. I believe it's important to observe yourself and appreciate the lessons.

Just to say it once again, I'm such a lucky girl, Roberto is really the best photographer.

I'm wearing this huge and gorgeous big coat which I paired with geometric dress and lacquer boots. I think this colour and print combo works great!

Shoes: second hand

This Friday a friend of mine Katja, who is also a blogger, and I attended Fashionista party in Cirkus that I had mentioned in a previous post. It was so much fun to transform her into Arabic/Indian goddess. I didn't have much work to do with correcting and contouring because of her beautiful skin and bone structure. We went for perfect matte skin and visible contouring, bold arabic eyes, perfect eyebrows and natural lips. And a bindi. Because we wanted to look more special. Katja loved the makeup which made that hour of working worth it. You can see more photos of our makeup (+ some funny selfies) on her blog: http://www.blogvivalavida.com/2014/12/arabicindian-makeup.html

I'm wearing my new vintage dress with padded shoulders from a second hand shop, my granny's belt and vintage YSL bag.

I hope you all are enjoying December as much as I do.

Xx, Agnes

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