20 October, 2014

I wish I was from Outer space

We're all in difficult situations, sometimes, when someone we appreciate a lot stabs you with unexpected. Sometimes, it's nonsense, because they either speak with their inner ego or it's painfully true. But luckily we have the power to react on that as we want and decide to. I try to stay calm, not offended or sad. Sometimes I wish I could scream and cry, accuse the person who faced me with certain points of view of being a horrible person and say f**c him/her. But it doesn't work this way. Well, as I said in posts before, people surrounding us are our true reflections. Instead of searching for a reason outside us, I try to ask myself why. And instead of blaming them and myself, I accept it as their truth and work on finding a solution in my inside. We need to keep changing, improving, and how could we do that but by falling and standing up hundreds of times?

What I used for this makeup?

 Kryolan Ultra makeu-up base
(Lightweight and super durable. Applied after cleaning my skin.)
 Ben Nye HD matte foundation in Shinsei Fair
(With a wet sponge, for that perfect skin effect, quite heavy but I love it.)
 Catrice Light-reflecting concealer in Light nude
(Used around my eyes)
 MAC Paint pot in Soft ochre
(Used as eyelid primer and neutraliser, it makes shadows stick to it for ages!)
 Kryolan shadow in Oak used as a bronzer
(No orange faces, please! :D That's why I love to use light cold brown shadows in autumn.)
 Kryolan shadow in Highlight used as a highlighter
(Used on cheekbones, nose bridge, around eyebrows after concealer, chin, forehead, cupids bow, inner corners of my eyes.)
 Artdeco eyebrow pencil in 3
(Quite deep brown, but this look is based on big nice eyebrows.)
 Inglot eyebrow shadow in 569
(To perfect the look.)
 Inglot concealer in LW100
(Creamy n thick, perfect for sharpening your brow liners! I'll keep repurchasing it. My far fave one.)
 Kryolan eyeshadows
in AB95 (Brownish red, super nice to emphasize blue eyes! Used all over my eyelids.) and M101 ( Dark chocolate brown, used around eyelashes because I didn't use any mascara.)
♥Kryolan translucent powder
(Pushed into my skin for that velvet finish.)
♥Bindi from local Indian shop

Photo: Robert Ribič
Makeup: Agnes Krown

Xx, Agnes

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