01 August, 2014

Fresh summer makeup

I recently posted a selfie (click!) where I showed my makeup of the day. I got tons of questions what makeup products I used, so I decided to recreate this look and share my secrets.

Starting with priming my skin I applied Kryolan Underbase. I used Loreal True Match foundation to even out my complexion. After that I applied a little bit of MUA pressed powder in shade 4 at my hairline, sides of my face, jawline and chin. It works as a bronzer. It's an amazing product, one of my favorites because its matte and super natural-looking formula. Nothing too yellow. After that I corrected any mistakes with Inglot cream concelear LW100. I love its creaminess and pigmentation. Totally worth its money. I finished with highlighting just above my jawline, cheekbones, under my eyes, forehead nose bridge all way down to my chin. I used Kryolan Eyeshadow compact matt in shade Highlight.

After priming the skin with Underbase I applied Artdeco Illuminating Shimmer Cream in 07 (Read my review here!) to add that summer bronziness :D It works magic with blue or green eyes I tell you. It's creamy and I didn't use much. I set it with MIYO eyeshadow in 09 to make it last longer. This champagne colored shimmery shadow looks nice on bronzed skin and I would also use it on top of some nude colored lipgloss for a bit of fresh shine. Nothing too neat. I applied my Sephora eye pencil in dark grey on my both waterlines to optically thicken my lashes. To open my eyes I added my all time favorite eyeshadow Kryolan Gold glow in inner corners. I finished my eye makeup with my favorite length mascara Kiko Ultra tech. It's great for doing spiky but separate lashes. Also very easy to apply on bottom lashes! Few coats, as always.

Who doesn't love big brows, ladies and gentlemen?! I used Inglot brow powder in 560, that's a greyish brown color, same color as my natural hairs. I started defining my brows at bottom outer half making a line out, then filling the outer half, slightly pulling out tails of them. Then I mixed this brown shadow with a bit of grey Inglot eyeshadow in 387 and started featering out inner parts of my brows, I wanted them to look more natural. I like defined arches so I perfected the lines by applying Inglot cream concealer in LW100, it's a lighter shade. I drew lines around my actual brows, concentrating on my brow tails and arches. I feathered it out a bit. I set the concealer with a same highlighter as I used before. My secret is to highlight a lot around brows, it makes them step out of skin and be bold.

My recent discovery are *tudummmm* Essence lipliners! So cheap, 1E or so, but they have an amazing formula. Creamy but they don't smudge and still last long. I outlined the lips with shade 05 Soft berry and applied 01 Soft rose on my whole lip area. First it looks weird because of contrast but trust me, it makes lips look so much fuller, just like a natural shadow of your plump lips. I smudged the darker color with a cotton bud. So easy!

If you decide to recreate this look please tag me so I can see it with #agneskrowninspired. I cannot wait to see your creations!

X, A

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